how to get girls to send nudes

How To Get Girls To Send Nudes

You might think of sending nudes as a young-girl kind of activity, but the reality is that women of every demographic are sending nudes like there's no tomorrow. Technology has allowed girls of all ages to explore their sexuality with discretion and confidence, meaning there are millions of ladies out there looking for someone to trade nudes with this very second.

And if you play your cards right, that lucky someone could be you.

So the questions are: How do you find a girl to send nudes with? How do you progress to sexting and dirty talk? How do you send nudes without coming across like a creep? And what's the general consensus on dick pics?

Don't worry, we've answered all your questions in our ultimate send nudes guide. If you want get a girl to send you hot photos, and maybe even get laid from it, we've put together every thing you need to know.

Word of Caution

Okay, so we're going to show you how best to get a girl to send you nudes, but you need to know one or two things before we get started. First, make sure you have consent! This is super important, especially in the modern dating world. Sending nudes without consent can actually get you in some trouble. Secondly, be sure to treat any girls you're texting with respect. If they say they're not interesting in exchanging pics, don't pressure them!

That's all. With that out the way, let's get down to the business at hand: getting girls to send nudes your way.

Where To Find Girls

First and foremost, if you want to find a girl to send nudes to, then you need to find girls. Simple as that.

You'll find open-minded women on all of the big name dating sites, but there are three places we particularly recommend.

The first is Snapchat. Snapchat's casual atmosphere lends itself very well to swapping nude photos. There are plenty of sex-positive women to follow who will be more than happy to indulge a little dirty talk with you. Google 'Snapchat user names' to find a long list of potential sext partners. All you need is a phone and an e-mail to get going.

Second is a site named Local Nudes. Local Nudes is a fucksite crammed full of horny women on the hunt for a local guy to fill them in. The ladies on here don't want a relationship, they just want some midnight action. Naturally this translates very well to asking for nudes. Signing up is super quick, all you need is an email address and you're ready to go. The app is available for both phone and browser.

Lastly, Tinder is still a great place to meet women. Tinder has a user base which has reached OMG-levels of massiveness, so it's a safe bet that there are at least a few women on there who are willing to send nude photos.

Trust Goes A Long Way

So, you've struck up conversation with a woman and things are going well. You're desperate to jump straight in with the nudes in the vain hope that she'll send you nudes back.

No, stop right there. You never under any circumstances send explicit photos to a woman without agreeing it beforehand. Luck is never in your favor here. Before that, you need to build up a rapport with her. You need to make that important connection with her so that she feels comfortable sharing her private photos with you. Only when these comfort levels are in place can you begin to sext and send hot pics.

Normal Conversation Comes First

Asking for nudes right off the bat is a one-way ticket to Blocksville. It comes across as creepy, desperate and not at all sexy. No one wants that.

We know it's boring, but if you want your inbox overflowing with naked pictures, you gotta build the foundations first. That means talking to her like you would any potential date partner, aka the boring topics and articles of conversation. Make her feel wanted. Let her know you see her as a real woman rather than a walking body part.

This means asking her about her life, her friends, her work, her hobbies. DON'T talk about sex just yet. Don't ask her favorite position. Don't compliment her breasts. And certainly don't casually mention that you have a foot fetish. You can only move on the subject of sex when the mood is right.

Pictures Next - But Not The Nude Kind

If you want a girl to send nudes, you have to start small and casually ramp up the intimacy. Romance starts with the basics and builds up to something special, and it works exactly the same with sexting and nude photos.

You need to establish a baseline first. Sure, you might have already seen pictures of each other in your respective profiles, but there's something much more trust-worthy about sending a girl a personalized pic.

The good news is that sending a girl non-nude photos is less riskier than the naked variation. If you want to send a woman a pic of you doing something normal, then that's fine. No big deal. Besides, it's a good way to get her thinking about what you look like without clothes.

Get Sexting

If you're talking to people on a dating site, then chances they want to get down and dirty too. So, after you've exchanged a message or three, you can take things to the next level by introducing a little sex talk.

A lot of guys don't understand that the mind is the most erotic muscle. Stimulate her mind and she'll be coming back to you time and time again. If you can plant the idea in her head that you're a good, reliable sexting partner who can comfortably use words to ramp up her sex drive, then you'll have every chance of getting hot pictures and probably a lot more.

And if you want to get a girl off using the power of language, you need to know how to get into her head.

Paint The Picture

Here's a bit of truth for you: Sexting is an art form. No, you can't just send text message after text message telling a woman what you want to do to her. Your texts need to be loaded with rich detail, like an erotic story. If you can do this, she'll send you nude pictures in a heartbeat.

How to sext properly? Well, paint the picture in your head, then transpose that picture into texts. Don't make the mistake most guys make of saying 'I want to....' in every comment. This will bore her and won't instil the idea that you're a walking sex god. Spice every comment up by approaching it differently, and make sure you type in the present tense to keep her rooted in the moment. Some examples:

'You slide in bed next to me, your naked body brushing up against mine...'

'My lips gently press against your neck while I run my fingers down your naked body, eventually stopping between your legs...'

'You feel me push one finger inside you, then you beg for more...'

The sad fact is that a lot of guys absolutely suck at setting the mood via text, so the bar is already very low. So if you can come across like even the most amateur erotica author you'll already be way ahead of the competition.

Send Nudes

Congratulations. If you've made it to this point, chances are you can send nudes at your leisure.

But like we said up above, it's still important to show respect. Even though you're talking about anything and every thing sexual, you can't just throw around dick pics willy nilly. If you do that, things can get crude real fast. At this point in the game, you're only one photo away from getting blocked.

The safest approach is to wait for the woman to send nudes first. Women are much better at reading the room and acting accordingly than men are, so let her make the first move. Once she's dropped that first nude photo, then it's up to you to reciprocate.

Tease & Please

Okay, so the nudes are out to play. But it's not as simple as just snapping any old picture and sending away. No, unfortunately, there's another rule you need to abide by. The law of gradual escalation.

Let's say a woman sends you a pic of her bare thighs. It's not overly explicit, but there's just enough flesh in there to make it sexual. What should your response be to this? Well, it should be similar in tone. I.e. not fully nude but showing a lot of bare skin. You can't just respond with a picture of your cock and balls dangling out because that won't get her juices flowing. It will just come off as sledge-hammer and put her off.

Teasing is the key to a enjoyable sext session. A lot of men don't get this because they're more concerned with the visual aspect of sexting, whereas women enjoy the mental stimulation just as much as the visual - if not more so. But once you get your erotic claws into her brain, she'll have a hard time getting you out of there.

Not All Women Enjoy Nudes

This might come as a shock to the men reading this, but not every woman wants to send you nude photos.

Men are much less critical of their bodies. Average sized dick? Meh, what can we do about that? A bit of extra fat around the mid-section? Hey, we all put on weight some times. This is the common mindset of a man.

But with women things are much different. Do her ankles look fat? Does this lingerie make her stomach stick out? Should she brush her hair or leave it messy? Does this makeup feel like she's trying too hard? Should she put some concealer on to cover this line on her forehead?

Beauty standards for women are at an all-time high, and this can make a lot of women feel inadequate. Therefore, nudes are a big deal. It might take some time before your trust levels are high enough for a girl to make the jump. If this is the case, don't pester her for pictures. Never pressure a girl to send nudes. Instead, make her feel sexy in other ways and she'll be more inclined to reciprocate with pics.

Be Appreciative

Like we mentioned in the last point, women can be super self-critical. If they do send nudes your way, then it's important to show that you appreciate the gesture.

In the seconds and minutes following her nude picture, her mind will be working over-time. It's one one of the most intimate, revealing acts a person can do. Does he like my picture? Have I embarrassed myself? Is he showing my photo to other people? Do I really trust this guy enough to send him my private photo s?

The longer you leave it, the higher possibility you have of driving her insane. That's why it's best to answer back her pictures in a timely manner.

'Wow, you are HOT af!'

'Holy shit, what I wouldn't give to have some fun with that body ;)'

'I hope you don't mind me saying, but that photo is going straight in the spank bank!'

Simple as that. Be conscious of time. There might be times when you can't reply quickly and if that's the case, let her know. No person in the world wants to wait around for an hour waiting to see if their nude photo has hit the mark or not.

Quick answers will also keep the sexual momentum flowing, meaning you'll both be able to send each other more pictures as the conversation gets hotter. It's a win win for everyone.

Find Out Her Likes

This is a little sexting hack that every guy should know. If you want to get a girl to send nudes on a regular basis, you need to find out what she likes.

Most people don't talk about these kinds of topics until they're in a relationship, but the only reason for that is trust issues. However, it's best to find out ASAP what kind of stuff she likes so you can use it to your advantage.

Some women want to see a guy's package, others less so. Some women might want to see biceps, or abs, or even something specific like forearms or feet. Everyone has their favorite area so it's just a matter of asking. You don't even have to be coy about it. Just ask 'what's your favorite part of a man s' body?' and go from there.

Enjoy The Ride

When someone sends you nude photos, it's a strong sign that they're into you. Some men start to ignore a woman and move onto the next one once they've seen her naked, but this is a rookie mistake.

Once you get a girl to open up, the fact is you're free to progress your relationship to the next level. 'Relationship' doesn't have to mean in the conventional sense - it can mean anything. For example, she might be looking for a regular thing where she can sext with someone whenever she feels horny. If you're in the same city, she might be looking for a hookup thing, amongst others.

So really, once you get going, who knows where these nudes might lead to? Enjoy the ride, and we hope our guide serves you well. For more sexting advice feel free to check out our other articles too.