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Is Nude Gamer Legit? Complete Review

Ever since Twitch made gamer girls a fetish, various sites have come along to capitalize.

Nude Gamer is the newest platform to try its hand at combining video games and porn videos into one desirable package, but how does it hold up? Here's our full review.

First Impressions

Nude Gamer really knows how to suck people in. Right from the word go, we see gamer chicks and cam girls touching themselves and playing with their tits. That's certainly enough to make a lot of men part with their credit card details straight away.

But things quickly fall down after this.


On the surfce, Nude Gamer is designed like a carbon copy of Twitch, but with more porn ads dotted in the corners. Nude Gamer makes some bold claims, including outlandish ones like it has 2.9m gamer girls in total, with around 1.1m streams taking place every single day. Even if you suck at maths, you can tell these numbers are way too overblown to be genuine.

The site works almost identically to Twitch. After signing up, you are free to browse categories, views streams or engage in the Nude Gamer community. This includes forums, chatrooms and blogs.

Of course, you'll want to check out the gamer women first and foremost. Indeed, the categories for these women seemed to be endless, being able to filter tags by age, gamer experience, hair color and single/couples. But searches are confusing, and usually end up redirecting you to a page you didn't want to visit. This was my first red flag.

Also, it didn't take long to views the fakes. Many of the gamer chicks were actually famous e-girls and adult models, and clicking into their material only takes you to the upgrade page (despite the website offering free membership for 3 days).

Pricing & Membership

For the Premium Membershop, Nude Gamer asks for $49.99 a month. That's not a typo. $50 a month to views girls sitting on their couch playing video games seems a tad steep, regardless of how hot they are.

Additionally, there was no information about long-term membership benefits or perks. Usualy, most porn videos sites offer multiple ways to subscribe via various packages. Nude Gamer does not. The deeper I dug, the more I confirmed Nude Gamer to be a scam.


Hot gamer chicks in the ads and a long list of versatile categories. While it's not a porn videos site, some of the content could easily double as porn.

Really, there are no other positives to Nude Gamer. The site stops being fun the second you try and sign up.


Practically everything about Nude Gamer is a con. Its only purpose is to make you part with your cash and then it will redirect you to other pages. The owners simply want to frustrate you enough that you cancel your membership, by which point they've already taken your $50.

Its numbers are complete lies, and they change depending on which section of the website you're looking at (it claims everything from 1.3m to 1.7m streamers are registered). While the extensive list of categories give an aura of legitimacy, most of those are phony too.

Searches are almost impossible and take you to third-party affiliated sites. All the claims of 'millions of views' are made up, and you just end up going round in circles.


Nude Gamer is a complete scam with the only redeeming quality being the naked chicks in the ads. You won't find 1.6m users here. You won't find millions of views daily, and you won't find porn videos. What you'll find is frustration at every turn.

You can download Nude Gamer on your phone or browser today, but we advise you not to.