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Here Are The Best Nudes App To Check Out In 2021

Sexting. Everybody's doing it, and you should be too.

These days, sexting is a fundamental part foreplay. It's almost expected that before you get down to business, you'll have to exchange a few sexts with your potential fuck partner.

But of course, sexting can be a lot of fun. You get to do it from the comfort of your own bed and you can self-pleasure as you see fit. Not to mention the best part of sexting: nudes.

But sexting is only fun when you have a sexting partner who knows what they're doing. No one wants to wait half an hour between messages only for them to give you a one-word reply. And worst of all are the people who don't make with the nudes.

So, with this in mind, we've put together a short guide for you. In this article, we've listed our list of the best apps for sexting, dirty talk and nude exchanging. Some of these you might have heard, some you might not. Regardless, these are the best sexting apps to check out in 2021.


With a 40 million-plus userbase, everyone and their dog is on Snapchat. It's one of the most popular apps for sexting on the market - and for good reason.

Everyone knows the deal by now. Snapchat users can send something, be a picture or video, and that media disappears after a set amount of time. It's a genius idea that negates any security concerns since there's a limited chance of your pictures, videos or texts being leaked to the world. Sure, people can screenshot your photo, but in most cases these screenshots rarely leave the other person's phone.

Naturally, this concept lends itself greatly to nudes. And unlike some of the more sensitive social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, nudity is fair game over on Snapchat. Explicit photos are being exchanged every minute of the day, and you too can get in on the action if you know where to look.

Finding girls on Snapchat is quite easy. Pretty much every porn star, adult model and e-girl is on there, not to mention a few celebrities, and they're all more than happy to show off their hot bodies to strangers just as nature intended. Plenty of them engage in personal convo with their followers too, so if your sexting game is strong, the possibilities are endless.

A lot of dirty individuals also have their Snapchat usernames in their other social profiles too, so that hot friend you stalk on Facebook? That girl from school you've always wanted to hookup with? Check their bio to try and find their Snapchat name.


Not only is Arousr one of the best apps for sexting, but it's actually much more. It brands itself as a 'sexting community.' According to the app, its a 'a safe place where adults can connect with other consenting adults to chat, talk, exchange pictures and engage in video calls over their smartphone, computer or tablet.'

It's not really an online dating site, more like a phone sex app, but it's a great way to get your fix of easy sexting. You simply sign up with your name, age and email address, and then you're given 100 free credits. This entitles you to around 30 minutes of dirty talk with your sexting partners. Whether you do this via texting, video chats or phone calls is up to you.

There's no time limit in place for sessions, so you can sex chat until you reach the finish line. You're also free to exchange nude pics with your sexting friends on here too.

Unfortunately, hookups are out of the question since Arousr is text messaging only. Every sext must be exchanging through the Arousr messenger platform too. You can't take the conversation over to imessage or WhatsApp.

Given its ease of use, Arousr is a top sexting website - certainly one of the most popular sexting apps out there. As of September 2020, Arousr only has an Android app available. It's not yet available for Apple, but keep checking the app store for an update. If you want to sext in style, give Arousr a try.


Looking for the best sexting experience technology has to offer? Look no further than Kik.

Kik functions as a lot of things. Message app, chat room, dating platform, sexting site. It's basically an all-encompassing social hub for you to hang out and meet new people who share your interests.

But like any good social media, Kik quickly devolved into a sexting app. And surprisingly, it's rapidly become of the best sexting apps in use today. Why? Well, since Kik offers a lot of interactive features and chat rooms, members don't have to match with other singles like they would on Tinder or OK Cupid. People are free to chat with any person they come across, no restrictions.

To find people on Kik, one only needs to do a quick search for any NSFW subject and you'll find literally hundreds of chat rooms dedicated to that subject. Try searching for 'sexting' or 'relationships' or anything along those lines.

For all its pros, Kik has one or two cons you should be aware of. The first is that the app user interface is a mess. It looks like the transmission warning off Star Trek. Content is dotted around all over the app screen which can make navigation a problem. Secondly is that Kik's user base is mostly made up of teenagers and millennials. Be aware of a person's real age before the sexting commences. Lastly is that there are tons of outlandish group chats and chat rooms, so watch out for weirdos.


Wickr is a sexting app with a difference. Actually, it's not a sexting app at all, it's a messaging service, but Wickr comes with such an air of uniqueness that it makes for one of the best sexting apps available today.

What's so special about Wickr? Well, two things. The first is that Wickr takes the delicate matter of privacy very seriously. Its end-to-end encryption ensures that every message you send and every pic you open is 100% safe from hackers. No matter what devices you use, phones, tablets, laptops - your conversations are secure.

But unlike standard messaging apps like WhatsApp, Wickr lets you search for people by name. This means you don't need their phone number or email address to find someone. As long as you know they're full name (location searching isn't a feature yet), you might be able to track them down on there.

Furthermore, there's nothing stopping you from adding just anyone and hoping that blind luck is in your favor.

An alternative app to Wickr is an app called Signal. It shares a lot in common with Wickr, including the information above, the end-to-end encryption, the lack of need for a phone number and the search functionality. However, Signal doesn't have the same sexual energy as Wickr. It's more used for professional communication and keeping in touch with loved ones.


No, not the fashion brand. Yumi is actually one of the newest sexting apps to hit the online dating world, and it's damn good.

A lot of hookup apps market themselves as unique or revolutionary, and it's rarely true. But Yumi is one of the few sexting apps which can be considered one-of-a-kind.

The reason? Everything on Yumi is anonymous. And we mean everything. Literally every other dating app in the world requires an email address and username - but not Yumi. You simply input your gender, your sex preferences, your location and a profile picture or video. Your real name, identity and any other details aren't required at all. You're even encouraged to use filters and emojis to conceal your face for even further anonymity. You can control exactly how much you want to reveal.

The dating app then connects you with people in your city looking for anonymous sexting action. But the fun doesn't stop there. Once you've messaged someone, people only have 24 hours to respond to the message sender. After that, all contact between those two people is disallowed. This incentivizes people to make the effort to hook up as soon as the chance arises. Given Yumi's great feedback, it certainly works.

Everything else about Yumi is great. It's full of horny folks, there are millions of accounts featuring guys, girls and couples. The format of the site is sleek, and the gimmick works for its intended purpose. Almost every member is real, you won't find any Russian bots, and you won't get a pesky advertisement interrupting your browsing.

For some interesting sexting adventures, join the Yumi party today. It's not free, but you can try the trial period to see if it takes your fancy.


We can't talk about sexting sites without brushing off the dust and mentioning Tinder. Just Google 'sexting app' and Tinder will be the first thing you'll see.

Tinder was once the hottest commodity on the app market, and even today it's still going strong. You know the drill by now. Create an account, make some matches, start sexting. It's a simple mechanism that works well.

We won't lie, Tinder has fallen by the wayside when it comes to its intended purpose. These days, it's hard to use the app without running into some wannabe Insta-boo peddling her workout products or sending you links to her MLM page. There are lots of these people about, mostly teens and young adults.

However, the key is to recognize these money-chasing carny types and push them to one side. Once you can do that, Tinder is still the big daddy of hookup apps thanks to its massive number of users. Compared to other apps, Tinder is on another level. But this is really all it has going for it.

While there are millions of users looking for easy sexting, others are not so casual. There are just as many millions hunting for a long-term relationship and intimacy. People now use Tinder for a hundred different purposes, so be sure to make your intentions clear in your profile. Word of caution: don't just start sexting everyone you match with. You need to get consent first. We know, asking permission sucks, but despite its reputation, Tinder isn't a place for overt sexual behavior anymore.

Local Nudes

Calling all people who want easy sexting and no-strings hookups. Local Nudes is the place for you.

Local Nudes breaks the rules a little. It might be one of the newest sexting websites to hit the market, but it's already made quite a splash. This site presents itself as a fuck site, not a dating app. Right from the front page you'll see that LocalNudes only attracts those who are looking to get down and dirty at a moment's notice.

In terms of user numbers, LocalNudes hits the high spots. In fact, it boasts users in almost every major city in the world, all of whom are desperate to get laid tonight. Not only that, you'll find an even 50/50 split of men to women in order to keep things fair.

Signing up only takes a few minutes. All it requires is the basic details, then a verification link, then you're ready to start sexting. Once you fill in your profile and post a few images, you can search for all related people in your area. Chatting is free, and you're allowed to message whoever you want without limits.

What makes LocalNudes so attractive? Well, most of the guys and girls on here lead busy lives, and they want the option to hook up when it's convenient for them. You'll find all categories of women on here; MILFs, housewives, teens, kinky babes looking for three-ways and even the occasional hotwives looking for swingers parties. These dirty kinksters are browsing the app right now looking for an outlet for their sexual frustration. Sign up and it could be you on the receiving end.

If you're in the mood for easy fucking, LocalNudes has your interest at heart. Trust us when we say that this site will change your sex life for the better.

Plenty of Fish

As one of the oldest dating apps out there, POF is a great place to land some sexting partners.

POF has come a long way in the 12 years it's been around. What started as a basic app has now evolved into a huge brand, boasting services, articles, and even its own dating research team.

Unlike the modern matchmaking system, POF matches people based on their answers to the dating questions. This route ensures a more thorough match, but that's not necessary when you're just looking to sext. However, POF has learnt from the mistakes of other dating apps and doesn't have any limitation on the number of messages you can send.

In addition to standard messaging, POF has gone through a bit of modernization recently. You can now leave comments on people's profiles, you can video chat with other members (this feature isn't great and you need a strong internet connection for it), and you now have the options to review other users (in case they're not who they say they are, dishonest, scammy, etc).

With all this in mind, POF remains a great tool to meet a new lucky sext recipient. The message system also allows you to send files and photos now (an ability which was noticably absent before), and there are no rules regarding nudity. So for example, if you want to confide in your new sexting buddy and send her a photo of your junk, that's now possible through the POF messaging system.


This one is kinda weird, and we don't just mean the design layout. Juicebox is hands down one of the most unique sides you'll find anywhere.

In today's harsh environment, we sometimes need someone to take our hand and coach us through the hard times. That's pretty much what Juicebox does. Juicebox has a built-in bot that you can sext with, and you'll then be given feedback on your sexting skills. It will give you tips, comment on your technique, highlight any issues with your sexting game, and even let you in on a few sexting secrets.

The app was developed by a series of erotic authors who created it as a safe space for people to better their dirty talk. The hosts still still use the site themselves, occasionally lending their expert support to the people who need it.

But that's not all, because Juicebox has another layer to it. The app also allows users to communicate with other, and you can guarantee that an app which promotes dirty talk has a few kinky folks on there.

If you have an Android device, you can get Juicebox today. However, iOS users will have to wait a little longer, but pin it to your to-do board because this app is incredible.

Get Juicebox ASAP, because this app is going to put sex gurus out of commission.