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7 Controversial Nudes Sites To Check Out In 2021

There are plenty of sites to find nudes, but not all of them are created equal.

Everyone is familiar with the big players in the nudes world. Pornhub, Xvideos, Snapchat. But what about the lesser known ones that slip under the radar? There are thousands, if not millions of these websites hiding in the dark corners of the internet. You just need a good tour guide to show you the way.

So, in this article in no particular order, we've compiled a list of 7 controversial sites that will quench your thirst for nudes right now. We've been as broad as possible, including chat rooms, social media, porn sites, and even a cam site or two.


Amongst the major social media platforms like Snapchat and Facebook, Tumblr tends to get lost in the shuffle. The platform has kind of a dirty reputation because some of the blogs on there are a little outlandish to say the least. But if you sleep on Tumblr, you're missing out on lots of quality content.

Tumblr is filled to the brim with amateur porn, and unlike some of the more kid-friendly sites social media sites like Instagram, Tumblr has nothing in the way of restrictions. Pictures, videos and gifs of explicit material are actively encouraged.

How to find nudes on Tumblr? Well, there are one or two ways depending on your preferences. You can can simply search the site for tags like nudity, selfies, naked celebrities, etc. Or you can hit up some like-minded people on there personal blogs and make friends. Naturally, there are a lot of sex-crazed chicks posting their dirtiest fantasies, so it's simply a matter of sliding into their DMs.

Disclaimer: Just in case you didn't know, Tumblr doesn't enforce an age-verification system, so watch out for people under legal age.


We know we said we'd delve into the more obscure sites, but hear us out on this one.

You've probably stumbled upon the Chaturbate website before. It's a hugely popular cam site that turned on-screen masturbation into a form of art. However, a lot of people don't realize the sites full potential, and it's actually gone through a number of major updates in recent years.

You see, Chaturbate isn't just a place to perv on models. There are a ton of amateur girls on Chaturbate who use the site to address their sexual needs. Not all of the babes on there are professional cam girls, so it's just a matter of finding the persons who are on there for personal reasons.

These girls aren't difficult to track down, either. They're the beauties who offer free access to their rooms or don't require a premium account to view them. Look out though, as these women often have a lot of visitors prying for their attention. From the sidebar, you'll see all the information about a particular model, from average number of viewers to number of comments. Use this to find the less-busy babes to zone in on.


Looking for a sexting app with a difference? Want to swap dirty snaps with strangers completely anonymously? Then Skibbel has all the fun you need.

Skibbel works a little like Chat Roulette. You sign up, spin the wheel and match with someone depending on your preferences. That's it. No real names. No locations. No phone number. Just high quality sexting with other members.

You don't need an email address and you don't need to input any personal details. Usernames, password, and that's it. It's a very simple process. You'll know the other person's gender and age but nothing more. Once you match with someone, you're free to exchange nude photos, dick pics and whatever else.

Skibbel doesn't offer much in the way of variety. Profiles are minimal and features are limited. If you have a camera / webcam, you can live stream yourself to the Skibbel community, but that's the extent of the pages capabilities. Since Skibbel brings together guys, girls and couples the world over, the chances of finding an actual hookup on here are pretty shit.

A full Skibbel membership costs money so be prepared to pull out that credit card. However, there's a free trial period you can use to try it out beforehand. If privacy is important to you, give Skibbel a chance. You won't find anything else like it.


This is one of those sites everyone should know about, but hardly anyone does. Even Google overlooks this master piece on occasion.

ThotHub has an amazing selection of leaked nudes, with a heavy focus on semi-famous girls. This includes e-girls, Instagram hotties, Japanese stars, celebrities and more. All of the content is submitted to the site via horny people who obtain it through legal means, then share it for free to others.

The site breaks its things down into categories, such as leaked Patreon content, leaked Only Fans content, sex tapes, Twitch slip-ups and more. There really is something for everyone. If there's a particular e-girl you've always hard your eye on, ThotHub should be your first point of call if you want to see her naked.

You won't be able to chat to any girls on a personal level through the site, but if it's nudes you're after, porn sites don't come much better than this.

While some galleries are free (it depends on the collection in question, or the level of NSFW content in there), many of them require a membership to view. It's only a small charge for life time access, and this is certainly one of the sites worth paying for.


Of all the million porn sites out there, few can boast the high quality of XNXX.

Unlike porn sites like Pornhub and YouPorn, XNXX is a little on the amateur side. It doesn't have the popularity of those other sites, but it still has everything men could ever want. Most of the clips, images and links are posted by the amateur girls themselves, something which adds an aura of legitimacy to the page.

Nudes come in every category imaginable, right from the vanilla to the extreme. Teens taking cock, teen girls taking a post-sex selfie, swingers getting wild. You'll find all sorts of hardcore action just the way nature intended.

But in addition to the top quality nudes, XNXX also has one of the best communities of any porn sites. There are sections to chat with other users, post erotic stories and upload your own attempts at photography (read: nudes).

Everything is totally free, so put your credit cards away. The only thing we will say is that the interface / format is a great example of how not to present porn sites. It's quite a mess, but of course, it doesn't detract from the goods. Don't just take our word for it though - check it out yourself at this link.

Local Nudes

As one of the new fuck sites on the scene, Local Nudes is the choice location to meet singles in your part of the world.

The simple truth is that everyone wants to get laid, whether it's with a friend-with-benefits or a no-strings attached type of deal. Local Nudes knows this, and so it makes every effort to make this idea a reality.

You won't find any porn movies or video content on here. Local Nudes is purely a hookup heaven and nothing more. Every member who signs up is asked the same questions: do you want to hookup tonight? If the answer is yes, and the guy-to-girl ratio is on point, you'll be taken to the sign up page.

Once you've created a username, filled in a short bio and uploaded a photo, you're free to get chatting with local people in your area. You won't find the kinds of people looking for a relationship on Local Nudes, it's more populated with teen girls looking to score, misbehaving housewives looking to spread their legs - you know the kind of woman we're talking about.

After connecting with a new partner, take your convo to WhatsApp or text and enjoy the stream of nudes undoubtedly coming your way. It's as simple as that.

If you want to find a person to sext the easy way, Local Nudes is your best option. No matter your country, your sexuality, or your looks, this site takes the hassle out of the hookup game. Whether you want a sexting buddy, a long-term fuck partner, or just a throwaway blowjob in your car, join Local Nudes now.


With a name like this, you know it's gonna be good.

Arousr combines porn sites, cam sites and dating sites into a useful little package. Whether you're browsing on phone or desktop, Arousr works a bit like Chaturbate or Slut Roulette but with a slightly different style. Let us explain.

After signing up to Arousr, you'll be taken to a screen with a bunch of models. Choose whichever picture takes your fancy and you'll be taken to that girl's live stream. From here, you can either enjoy the hot bodies on display or you can try your hand at sexting with these beautiful women. Unlike standard cam sites, not all of the babes on Arousr do it for money, many do it for personal enjoyment.

One reason why we've chosen Arousr for this list is that it's not overflowing with horny dudes like most other cam sites. The user base is still relatively small, meaning you won't be fighting for the attention of the models.

The only problem is that Arousr isn't free. Like a lot of similar sources, it uses a tokens system. However, you'll get 100 free tokens when you first sign up. Aside from this small niggle, Arousr does a nifty job of creating an easy sexting hub. The price is reasonable, every feature is useful, security is tight and it's great fun to watch these sluts pleasure themselves from the comfort of their own home.