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How To Send Nudes Like A Pro - 2020 Guide

Ever since camera phones were invented, sending nudes has become the nation's favorite pastime. Chances are at some point in your life, you've taken a dirty picture or two to send to a lucky recipient.

How did it go? Did you love your pictures at the time, but look back on them later and think urgh? Were your photos meme-worthy because they were so bad?

We've all been there, and it's totally normal. These days, sending nudes is nothing short of an artform. People have tried to perfect the art of the nude selfie to the point that anything less than perfect is no longer acceptable.

Don't worry though, because we're here to lend a hand. You can guarantee that we know a thing or two about sexting nudes and sharing dirty messages, so in this article, we've put together a handy guide.

Read on to learn how to send nudes like a pro in 2020.

Practice Makes Perfect

'Send me a naked pic,' she says.

You freeze up. You panic. This is your chance to get your end away and you don't want to blow it. You pull out your phone to take a dirty photo - but you just can't seem to get it right. Your face looks fat, your body looks average. Reality hits you hard. Thousands of concerns rush into your head. I can't send this pic. What if it kills our chat? What if strangers see it?

This is the bigest decision of your life and you're blowing it. You can feel that easy hookup opportunity slipping away.

Damn, a library of hot selfies would definitely come in handy right now. And that's exactly what you need. Getting that perfect photo which hides your flabby bits and accentuates your positives can take time. You have a camera roll for a reason, and that reason is to amass a plethora of various body parts and dick pics. You don't have to become a master of photography, but you might surprise yourself with how much difference a bit of practice can make.

Next time you have ten minutes to spare, practice taking sexy images and videos of you from every different angle and in every position possible. Not only will it be great experience, but any images you decide to keep will provide an advantage down the line.

Set The Scene

When it comes to junk, there are two categories: the junk in your pants, and the junk the junk on your bedroom floor. Women want to see the former, and no one, not even your closest friend, want to see the latter. It just raises more questions than answers.

Seriously. Something as minor as a messy bed or a pile of laundry can turn a sexy image into a comedy one. Props can sometimes have a sexy effect, like a bathtub or a dimmed lamp, but the focus of your nude photo should be you and nothing else. Your pics shouldn't be an advertisement for vacuum cleaners.

Make sure your surroundings don't look like a bomb site, and save those selfies of you and your cat for your friends, not someone who could eventually be your spouse. Of course, what one person might find sexy, another person might not. However, keep it classic for a better chance at building up the intimacy.

Highlight Your Best Features

It's a cold hard fact that everyone has a good side.

Some guys snap from up above to make them look thinner, some keep the camera at eye-level from the front. Experiment with all sorts of angles to see what works for you. A few grooming products never went amiss either. Spend a little money and put some effort in because appearances matter in this game.

For more control, try the TikTok girls approach. Take a pic or video while your phone is perched against a wall. This is a good idea if you have an attractive profile and want to show it off.

There's a certain body part women don't want to see - at least not right away. While a saucy snap is more akin to teasing, sending an unsolicited dick pic is a type of sexual harassment, meaning it's a big issue in the modern world. Don't message a girl your length unless both parties have given consent. No relationships ever started with an unsolicited dick pic.

Tease A Lot

When you send nudes to someone, nine times out of ten, you're doing it to eventually get down to business. That's the end result.

Anyone will tell you that when people have sex, they don't just go straight in for the kill. There's foreplay, dirty talk, sexy requests. You want to send them into overdrive, and to do it effectively, you have to ramp up the activity slowly. It's the same when you send nudes to someone. Start conversations with a simple, harmless role play act. 'I've just got out the shower. Want to see?'

If everything's in order, she'll go for it. Then you begin your erotic story of sexual-expression. Work nudity into it casually, and when you send your first photos, conceal your member with a well-placed emoji. Couples who've been together years still do this because it's an easy segue into a dirtier comment or two.

Suggestion Is Sexy

Instead of going for the direct, explicit stuff, many adults prefer a slow burn when it comes to seduction. Age might be a factor here, though, as data shows that younger people are much more direct when they send nude photos.

Definition of the word suggestion is: an idea or plan for consideration, and thisis exactly what you want to do when sexting.

A simple suggestion can make a huge statement. Aside form the aforementioned emoji-covered nude photo, other suggestive shots be a sign of confidence, ability and comfort in your sexuality.

For example, if the topic of masturbation arises, request a picture of her sex toys but ask if she'd prefer the real thing instead. Turn the conversation into a role play scenario to the point that your words are reading like the first pages of an erotic novel.

'Imagine if you drove over here right now with nothing on underneath your coat.'

That's all it takes. A few comments to plant the seeds, then it's a matter of letting the process unwind naturally.

Confidence Is Key

Confidence is two-fold in the nude photos game. Firstly, you want to appear like you know what you're doing. Secondly, what are nudes good for if you don't get any in return?

Have you seen that send nudes meme where some neckbeard asks: 'pardon me madam, but I was curious as to what you look like under those tasteful fabrics.'

Yeah, don't say anything like that, because your messages will end up being made fun of all over the internet. No guy ever got laid by sounding like a little bitch from the middle ages.

Instead, a sense of confidence will get you much better results. 'I've showed you mine. Now it's your turn.'

It should be half-request, half-instructions. Don't sound like you're too power-hungry, but a little I want to see you naked right now is a very sexy thing, whether you're a man or woman.

Anonymity Is Important

You've probably heard stories of someone posting explicit content of someone else without their permission. This is revenge porn, and it's a big problem. Due to the number of cases being reported to police, it's now a crime to leak someone else's personal images on any adult website.

The truth is that sending any nude photos comes with a risk. Even if you trust your sext partner, you never know how your relationship is going end up. There's always a danger of things going downhill. Therefore, protect your privacy and keep your content out of the wrong hands in any way you can.

Lots of men and women only send pics of their bodies in their sexts. Keep faces, tattoos and any identifiable features out of the shot. Utilize close-ups shots to add an even further layer of confidentiality. Nipples, genitals, ass, tongue, underwear, chest - any one of these works fine.

Filters Reduce Consequences

Users of every social media community out there love filters. From England to Australia, from your sister's boyfriend to your grandad, everyone's used this feature while messing around.

There's a big link between sexting and filters too, especially on Snapchat. If you search the Snapchat sidebar, you'll get the option to add a tonne of stuff to your pics or streams: text, gifs, your username, your number of followers, your upcoming events, and of course filters.

Filters can disguise your face hide your rude bits, so if your information ever got leaked somewhere, no one would it was you behind the mask.

Send Photos Securely

Password-protect your phone so people can't access your account. Have an access code. Vary your user name. Don't use third-party apps. Disable cookies. Disable background data for accounts you don't use. Don't fill out that company survey on that shopping page. Use incognito mode. Update your security settings often.

Laws against photo leaks are a tricky subject, just ask any one of the millions of people who've been a victim of sexting abuse. Quite often, the law works against their rights.

To further alleviate any fear of sending nudes, be sure to use the safest platform / services available. The best five are:

  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp (for it's encryption)
  • Wickr
  • Telegram (the app kind, not the messaging service from the 1920s)
  • Signal (Android)

However, DON'T USE:

  • Email
  • Tinder (or any dating apps)
  • Facebook DMs
  • Twitter DMs
  • Google messaging
  • Chatrooms
  • iMessage (iOS)
  • Omegle

There are others to avoid too, so do your research and don't just follow the crowd. Avoid any app with ads because they're loaded with spyware (check the terms & conditions to see for yourself).

Be aware that even with encrypted protections, there's still a possiblity of your images or videos been screen-shotted and leaked. However, the world is a much more sex positive place than it was ten years ago. The rules in western culture have changed a lot. Nudity leaks are a common occurence in the United States on a weekly basis, and in most circumstances, the victims are usually shown support.

Providing you take safety seriously, you've done everything possibly to limit any exposure. So, worst case senario, if you're a victim of revenge porn, the least amount of damage will be done.