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Best Premium Snapchat Accounts To Check Out In 2020

Snapchat has changed the porn industry for the better. Instead of relying on Pornhub, Brazzers or Naughty America, porn fans can now interact with their favorite adult models directly through Snapchat. It's more personal, more intimate, and easier on your bank account.

And with the introduction of Premium Snapchat, access has never been easier. All you need is an email address and you're good to go.

If you've never heard of a Premium Snap account, it's basically the same as a public account, but the models provide personalized adult content in return for money. There are no differences between public Snapchat and Premium Snapchat themselves. The term Premium Snapchat simply refers to services offered through the Snapchat app.

Some adult models charge to follow them in the first place, whereas some are free to follow and take payment for their material. It all depends on their individual premium service. Users can make payments through Paypal while others prefer the Snapcash cash feature on the Snapchat app.

No membership fee. No account subscriptions. Just lifetime access from day one.

Pretty much every porn star, cam girl, and adult model offers premium subscriptions in one way for another. Their content can vary from nudes and sexy videos right through to personal chat sessions.

But with so many Premium Snaps out there, how do you know who to follow? Well, in this article we've put together a huge list of the best Premium Snapchat girls out there. There's a ton to get through, so grab a coffee and enjoy our extensive Snapchat guide.

Little Caprice

Little Caprice is an image of feminine perfection. She's got all the stats. Petite figure, flawless breasts - all without the help of enhancement surgery too. She's an example of what a pornstar should be, and her hot Snapchat content certainly reflects it. When Caprice isn't wowing her target audience with topless pics, she's using Snapchat as a marketing tool for her upcoming videos. Her subscriber list is growing by the day, and access to her content is totally free.

Tori Black

As someone who's reached the point of superstardom, Tori Black's whole identity is that she's a porn icon. While other people have reached the same status, the difference is that Tori Black keeps on giving. On her Snapchat profile, she regularly posts updates alongside her lucky fuck partners, usually providing them some sexual relief in the form of oral sex. Be warned though, Tori knows her value, and many viewers are happy to pay it. If you want a personalized message from her, you'll have to shell out some serious shekels.

Nicole Aniston

Blonde angel Nicole Aniston has done it all. From solo toy play to gangbang parties, she's starred in hundreds of videos across countless categories. She's also one of the people who helped establish Snapchat Premium back when it first became a thing. Back then, people used 'tokens' rather than cash but it soon evolved into what it is today. Her own Snapchat is exactly what you'd expect from a porn queen like Nicole. Lots of masturbation videos for her audience of thousands and the occasional picture of her home life.

Alison Tyler

Remember going to a chat room back in the day? You'd choose a room topic, usually sex-related, then pray that the people you were talking to weren't guys pretending to be chicks? Well thanks to Alison Tyler's Snapchat, those days are over. Through her Premium Snapchat, Alison has an option to trade sexy text messages with her, should that take your fancy. We're not sure of the revenue potentials of such a thing, but she seems to do it extensively. If that wasn't reason enough, she also gives out daily sexy tips and shouts outs to her followers.

Riley Reid

If you're out of the loop- Riley Reid and social media go hand-in-hand. When porn stars began invading Snapchat, Riley was actually invited to their social media headquarters to help market this new phenomenon. Ever since, the bond between Riley and Snapchat has been unbreakable, with her now being one of the most followed babes on the platform. Access to her Snapchat isn't free and might be a bit pricey for some people. Even side-boob shots can be a hefty amount, but a sale for Riley is a win for the porn industry.

Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann appears to spend a large percentage of her life completely naked - and we have no issues with that. Although Lisa had millions of people following her, she went through a Snapchat account change in August 2018 and is steadily building her contact list back up. She uses the platform to showcase the lavish lifestyle which her porn career has awarded her, and you'll often see her hanging around with best friend and fellow adult star Julia Ann. Since Lisa is pretty high up on the porn pecking order, access to her Premium Snapchat requires a small fee.

Puma Swede

She wins the award for weirdest name, but Puma Swede is a MILF goddess times a hundred. There's no such word as privacy in Puma's vocabulary, as this diva is happy to share the intimate details of her sex life from all corners of her house. Whether she's doing it for work of personal reasons, Puma takes a record number of dicks on a weekly basis. So many that she probably needs a balance sheet to remember them all. But don't sigh, because her lucky members can be privy to everything she gets up to via her Premium Snapchat.

Rachel Roxxx

If Rachel Roxxx wants to finger her ass for all the pervs watching her, we've got no objections. Yes, this is something she does regularly. So regularly, in fact, that even if you don't follow Rachel, you're still likely to see her asshole somewhere in your orbit. Rachel's Premium Snapchat content is everything you'd expect from a person as horny and gorgeous as her. She has a very active presence and treats every member of hers with respect, so if you exchange words with her, and give her some revenues for her time, she'll be sure to reply back.

Dillion Harper

You'll recognize Dillion Harper from two things: either the Traffic Junky ads on Pornhub, or her boobs. With one of the most gorgeous faces in porn, you can bet that Dillion has thousands of guys drooling over her daily. Luckily for her followership, Dillion is more than happy to put this stunning face to good use in more ways than one. Selfie videos are the basis of her Snapchat, and coupled with the fact that Dillion has a penchant for getting naked anywhere in public, her content makes for quite the experience.

Adriana Chechik

Being this hot must be an inconvenience. Adriana Chechik is one of the ultimate camgirls, performing for multiple cam sites on a weekly basis. However, her Premium Snapchat game takes sexy content to the next level. Adriana's ability to jump from from adorable sweetheart to tease queen is the key to bringing in the customers, and Adriana has no problems there. She's a rep for quite a few workout brands, so you'll often see her pushing an app store link or website. But of course, that doesn't take anything away from this fine piece of ass.

Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova is one those sweet pornstars who only fucks her husband these days. But given he's a pro pornstar too, all data confirms that their fuck sessions are a show stopper. Over on Mia's premium Snapchat, you can view the intimate adventures of their relationship with your own eyeballs. But if you want Mia's personalized content, you’ll need to shell out a few bucks for access to her Premium Snapchat.

Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel is what kids these days would call deaky. This basically means that she's the type of babe who's up for anything as long it involves sex. She's already been banned from most non-nude social media platforms for violating their nudity policy, and Joanna has even been kind enough to post the evidence on her Snapchat. Of course, her subscribers don't seem to mind. Joanna actually has a private Snapchat for her devoted followers and a public account for everyone else. To get access to the former, you need to give her some premium sales. Joanna might not play by the rules, but she gets results.

Bree Olson

Bree was already famous, but after getting involved with comedian-turned-lunatic Charlie Sheen, her popularity flew into the stratosphere. Bree actually quit porn a few years ago, but she still flaunts her amazing good looks any chance she gets. Over on her Premium Snapchat, you'll see that Bree's methods of engaging a crowd seem to involve her being fully-clothed these days. Her content mostly involves things like fooling around with her circle of friends, getting down to funkytown and trying her hand at twerking. Her Snapchat has potential, but it's not the naked nirvana you'd expect from such a porn icon.

Stella Cox

With her sensual British twang, Stella could bring you to orgasm with an erotic story alone. This British-Italian hybrid has reached the top of the porn ladder in record time. She began as a softcore webcam model in the UK and now shares the camera with the most famous dicks in porn. Despite her huge social media followings, Stella still boasts a public Snapchat for anyone to enjoy. Her actions will certainly make you lose control of your bodily urges, so proceed to her page with caution.

Leanna Decker

Leanna is one of the few internet personalities on this list who isn't an adult performer. She's actually a professional model but she sometimes puts on a show on cam girls and webcam models websites. Over on her Premium Snapchat, you won't see any nudity as such, but you'll see red-headed beauty like no other. Leanna posts tons of selfies daily, and for the right price, she'll give you a shoutout, send you personalized cleavage shots, and she's one of the few babes who offer one-on-one phone calls.

Katrina Jade

It's a scientific certainty that anyone with SLUT tattooed on their ass is going to provide great Snapchat content. Katrina Jade is an inked-up goth devil who prides herself on being a supreme ho. Her social media content reads like the home videos of a succubus who survives purely on sucking dick. Luckily, Snapchat is cool with such activities (but if she posted her tamest Snapchat video on Instagram, she'd get banned in seconds). Katrina puts out about three pictures or videos a day, but she's also super active on Twitter and OnlyFans. Katrina does things on her own terms, so if you're looking for a rulebreaker, she might be the one.

Mandy Flores

Here's the rundown: Mandy Flores might look like the hot barista at your local Starbucks, but her adult art says much different. As far as adult stars go, Mandy is stunningly gorgeous and super talented - no issue there. However, her Snapchat content is brutal with a capital B. We're talking an Ice Pole up her ass. We're talking bodily fluids - from the business end and the back door. We're talking emptying bowels in front of the camera. There's a hefty dose of nudity involved, but it comes with a risk. We'll leave the details up to your imagination, but if it's gross stuff you're into, you'll be in your element.

Megan Rain

This feisty brunette looks like she could fuck herself with a spear and still want more. Barely in her twenties, Megan Rain is one of the pornstars to watch over the next few years. Her Pornhub exposure is growing by the day, and given her young age, she's only going to get more attention as her experience grows. Her Premium Snapchat asks no questions and tells no lies - it's an endless stream of naked photos, sexy stories and Megan posing just as nature intended. Her content is as good as it comes, so if you're looking for adult performers you can trust, Megan's one of the best people to follow.

Krystal Swift

Since Krystal Swift is something of a new girl on the scene, she still runs a public Snapchat to increase her reach. Access to her stuff is totally free, including her daily screenshots of her top-heavy figure, usually rocking lingerie or some sort of revealing outfit. If that wasn't enough, Krystal regularly posts lots of behind-the-scenes location shots during her porn shoots, leaving nothing to the imagination. She also seems to take a lot of length during her personal life too, and she seemingly has a thing for the BBC. If that's her marketing strategy, it's definitely working.

Allie Haze

Allie Haze has got that girl next door look about her. However, we only wish that the girl next door to us put on cam shows like Allie does. With every camming session, Allie fucks herself raw like her life depends on it. And while you’ll need a subscription to access her cam site content (usually Chaturbate), Allie often re-uploads these sessions on her premium Snapchat client.

Hitomi Tanaka

Hitomi's Snapchat is a wild ride. One minute, she's dressing up as the Night King from Game of Thrones, the next she's stuffing her pussy with power tools and running around with dog filters. Any activities this Japanese icon gets up to in her personal time is on display for all her fans through her premium Snapchat features. Phones were invented to sext with babes like Hitomi, and that's one service she offers. She's also sponsored by a few uniquely-Japanese brands, so you'll see her pushing links and info for them on occasion.

Brooklyn Chase

In her decorated porn career, Brooklyn Chase has gone from MILF to super MILF to hottest MILF in the adult industry. It's been a well-deserved rise to the top, and judging by her social media posts, it's has certainly done her bank account a few favors. Over on Instagram and Snapchat, Brooklyn flaunts the lavish lifestyle her high income has awarded her, from partying with the stars to visiting the most tropical locations in the world. And the best part is that she does it all sans clothes.

Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean is one of those sweethearts who looks equally as good in a sunflower dress as she does taking a dick in her ass. Her public Snapchat draws some huge numbers, likely due to Elsa's mass appeal and likability. Posting dozens of Snapchats per day, Elsa's feed is nothing short of a hostile takeover using weaponized naughtiness, a guaranteed method for success. Whether she's teasing in the bath or trying out new clothing, the only thing Frozen about this Elsa is her Cashapp pricing structure. She's got a thing for older men too. #daddyyy much?

Holly Hendrix

As you can probably tell from her account name, Holly Hendrix is a stoner and proud. When not hanging around the weed dispensary, this Latina babe can be found camming and treating her Snapchatters to the wonders of her super petite, 4'10 frame. If she's not in the gym, she's filming herself getting buck wild with strangers. She also has a thing for fingering herself while she's in the car, so we only pray that her navigation skills are up to par.

Ultimate List of Pornstar Snapchat

Of all the social media platforms out there, Snapchat might be the most sexually charged app on the market.

Pornstars, webcam models, cam girls, the biggest names in the adult industry - they're all on Snapchat. Nude snaps are traded in their millions on a daily basis through Snapchat, so much that it's actually become an intregal part of the adult business.

Snapchat has revolutionized how porn followers consume adult content. Instead of getting it from professionally-produced videos, we're now getting porn straight from the social media accounts of the pornstars themselves.

Whether this takes the form of a sexy video, provocative porn snaps depends on your preference. Many pornstars have recently introduced Premium Snapchats too, where they provide personalized pics / movies or one-on-one sexting sessions with other Snapchat users for a fee.

So, you've signed up for a Snapchat account because you want the easiest, most convenient porn available - but who do you follow? With so many Snapchat accounts, it can be difficult to choose. However, fear not, because in this article, we've put together the ultimate list of worthy pornstar Snapchats to follow.

Dani Daniels

Dani Daniels' username, Sucking All The D, pretty much sums up everything you need to know about this cock-hungry brunette babe. In recent years, she's become one of the hottest commodities in the porn industry thanks to her amazing ass, her unrivalled beauty and her steamy sex scenes. She's already a social media sensation on Instagram and Facebook and her nude Snapchat game is quickly catching up.

Alektra Blue

Although her ocean-blue eyes might be her most defining feature, there's much more going on with the gorgeous Alektra. She's a hardcore porn queen who regularly tops the list of most successful pornstars of the year. She's got adoring fans the world over, and she's something of a Snapchat porn connoisseur. She was one of the first women get involved in the Premium Snapchat life, effectively changing the course of porn forever.

Eva Notty

Eva is a famous pornstar for two big reasons, and both of those reasons are on her chest. Her Snapchat is a paradise of tits, vaginas and various sex toys stimulating both. Eva's also got a lot of porn star friends that she loves to show off with too, and if you're part of her premium Snapchat service, you'll even see her taking her husband's dick on occasion too.

Natasha Nice

Just like her huge tits, you could get lost in Natasha's Snapchat page for hours. Her porn snaps are very breast-orientated, as one should expect from a top-heavy porn queen like her. Natasha's also very candid with her Snapchat, treating her guys to the odd snap as she goes about her daily life. However, Natasha is so busty that she could take a picture of the ground and her boobs would still be in the shot.

Eva Lovia

Having already completed Twitter, Instagram and the porn world as a whole, Eva Lovia has finally migrated to Snapchat porn. This sultry brunette is the princess of ass shots, of which she flaunts on Snapchat almost hourly. And it's not just teasers or nudes. Snapchat is Eva's platform to share her love of giving surprise blowjobs to her husband. Yes, he might very well be the luckiest man alive.

Monique Alexander

Monique Alexander is a breath of fresh air in the pornstar world. She's an angel and devil all rolled into one, boasting multicolored hair, sexy tattoos and that MILF aura that makes her so irresistible. Her Snapchat feed looks like a secret camera invaded her home privacy, because you'll see lots of snaps of her sitting around, usually without clothes.

Lexi Belle

Everyone's favorite porn sweetheart, Lexi Belle is nothing short of a Snapchat sensation. With hundreds of thousands of followers lapping up anything she puts out, Lexi ensures that her porn Snapchats are up to the standard expected from a pornstar of her status. But Lexi's Snapchat images and vids aren't just of her flaunting her goods. You'll find her plugging her CamSoda appearances, her sponsored brands and get a glimpse into her home life.

Nikki Delano

Some women pride themselves on their dick-taking ability. Nikki Delano is one of them. There's something about the way she looks that tells you she's a good fuck. It might be her bimbo good looks, her dick-sucking lips or her seductive smile. Whatever it is, she's the type of girl who doesn't hold back when it comes to Snapchat. You'll see her naked body in more ways than you thought possible, along with a good amount of lingerie shots and naughty outfits for effort.

Alix Lynx

Topping the pornstar popularity list of 2020 is the sublime Alix Lynx. Before becoming one of the most loved pornstars in existence a few years ago, Alix was actually an MBA-qualified corporate cog. Her talent and hard work paid off in more ways than one. As far as pornstar Snapchat goes, Alix's profile has raised the standards for everyone. This is one chick whose Snapchat needs to be seen to be believed, as no words can do this blonde goddess justice.

Cece Capella

A newbie to pornstar Snapchat, Cece Capella is a teen model looking for fun, attention, and a nice big audience to flaunt her skinny beauty. Cece's stories aren't as explicit and sledge-hammer as some of the other pornstars on Snapchat. She's one of those teasing babes who rocks the innocent-but-feisty look, with selfies, face close-ups, a hefy dose of cleavage teasing.

Asa Akira

Asa Akira is the Asian sensation the porn industry needs. This Japanese-American superbabe is one of the most decorated pornstars out there, having hosted the Pornhub awards and won a number of AVN awards for her adult movies. As you'd expect from a bona fide goddess like Asa, her Snapchat nudes are on point too.

Kristina Rose

This exotic, Spanish seductress has a demeanor that betrays her age of 36 years. As a performer, she brands herself 'the dirtiest girl in porn,' and that's a title we won't dispute. Obviously, Kristina's a pornstar Snapchat afficionado, posting bi-daily updates of her outrageous physique, pushing links to her site and generally showcasing her enviable pornstar lifestyle.

Emma Hix

Rising through the ranks of pornstar Snapchat is the delectable Emma Hix. This finely-toned, golden-haired angel is one of the hot favorites for AVN Model of the Year in 2021, reason being that she's unbelievably stunning and all her scenes are a joy to watch. She's also the kind of girl who will send you personalized photos if you hit her up through Snapchat premium.

Remy Lacroix

You'll get a sample of Remy's personality from her username, Soiled Planties. This petite princess doesn't take Snapchat too seriously and plays the game on her own terms. She mostly uses it to fuck around with filters, show off her bronzed skin, and apparently make lots of Star Wars references. However, she's gorgeous as hell, so enjoy it.

Natalia Starr

What's Natalia Starr got that other women haven't? Well, quite a few things. She's actually from Poland, making her one of the few major pornstars to be from an Eastern European country. She's also the visual dream of men everywhere, with golden hair, cystalline eyes and tits bigger than Andre the Giant's hand. If you get the chance to add her as a friend on Snapchat, do it, because she's so filthy that some of her videos should come with a disclaimer.

Alby Rydes

Alby Rydes, and judging by her Snapchat content, she does it very well. This inked up youngster is a fresh face in the porn world, but she's already taking dick like a seasoned pro. While there's many a website which showcases Alby's sexual endeavors, you'll find very similar material over on her Snapchat. Showing off her pierced nipples, her bronzed Latin skin and that wonderful bubble butt, Alby's Snapchat is a porn-lovers paradise from top to bottom.

Jynx Maze

She might have named herself after a Pokemon, but Jynx Maze is far from nerdy. She's somehow managed to combine girl next door beauty with exotic sex appeal, making one irresistible little package that no man could resist. She's right in her element on Snapchat, not only posting daily updates, but also filming herself fucking on several occasions (of which certain clips can be found on Pornhub). Snapchat was made for girls like this, so stop wasting time and check her out.

Shyla Jennings

Some girls take to Snapchat like pornstars take to dick, and Shyla Jennings has done just that. A relative new player on the porn scene, Shyla has used Snapchat to market herself and get her name out to tonnes of new followers. Now she's racking up the fans, Shyla's since made appearances for big name production companies like Brazzers and Reality Kings. You'll also find her regularly giving out a snapcode or two for additional Snapchat content.

Dana Dearmond

If you saw Dana Dearmond in a club, you'd know instinctively that she was a professional pornstar. She simply oozes feminine sexuality from every angle, and even her lips alone are enough to tell you that she knows her way around a dick. Likewise, she knows her way around Snapchat too, despite being a boomer in her forties. However, judging by the Snapchat content she puts up daily, it's more like boom-her. Dana's already made waves by filming herself sucking a dick or two, and thankfully, she shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Lelu Love

Professionals, amateurs - it doesn't matter. Lelu Love beats them all out. This French Canadian amateur hottie is an all-round superstar. She markets herself as the most interactive pornstar online, and her Snapchat content follows suit. She provides sexting services, user-personalized content, email contact and access to her home cams all through her Snapchat premium. If you get the opportunity to connect with Lelu, do it.

Madison Ivy

Madison Ivy really needs no introduction. Every guy on earth - even the weird ones who don't watch porn - know her name. All porn sites on the internet have her stuff, and you'll find content of hers in basically all porn categories, from vanilla right through to the nasty stuff. Naturally, she's a Snapchat porn goddess too. Her daily teasing shots will certainly be enough to quench any morning wood you might have.

Bonnie Rotten

You could search for a hundred years and never find anyone as perfect as Bonnie Rotten. This inked up punk babe is a rare case of alternative beauty making it big in the bimbo-heavy world of adult entertainment. As far as pornstar Snapchats go, Bonnie is one of the people you need to follow. She's a workoutaholic, a selfie whore and her place seems to be decked out in cameras for you to enjoy. Even those cheesy band tattoo logos can't stop Bonnie being a total dreamgirl.

Karma Rx

We're not sure what she's implying with her Snapchat name, but we like it. Karma's a total Snapchat ho - in the best way possible. She regularly posts behind the scenes info while she's shooting porn scenes and a few times she's even live-streamed her hot fuck sessions through Snapchat. This tattooed temptress is a thing of beauty. Her Snapchat feed is a wild ride. It's like following the life of an A-list celebrity but with none of the bullshit that comes with it.

Violet Summers

Violet Summers is one of those pornstars who just doesn't give a fuck. She was recently kicked off Instagram for violating their nudity rules, but with a body like hers, we can hardly blame her for wanting to show off. Over on Snapchat, Violet's equally as naughty, having recently filmed herself giving head on her phone and uploaded it to her Snapchat. That video is now the property of several major porn websites, which we're sure you can find without issue.