Tik tok Sex

Tik Tok Sex: 5 Steps To Get Laid On This New Social App

Once an app has been on the market long enough, someone will eventually ask in the inevitable question: Can this app get me laid?

And surprisingly, the answer is always yes. If it's an app with a social element, you can guarantee that people are using it to find sex. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all started out as simple apps with an intended purpose. And now, years later, they're basically dating apps disguised as something else.

TikTok, being a haven of good looking, highly-sexual youngsters, is obviously going the same way. Already, people are using the platform to connect with people, arrange meetups and ultimately get laid.

Do you want in on the action? Well, follow our 5 steps to getting laid on TikTok and we'll make it happen.

Step 1: Share some simple videos

No one, whether it's a guy or girl, will interact with a blank profile. As soon as someone sees an empty avatar or a 'Nothing Uploaded Yet' message, they'll immediately assume scam or bot.

Therefore, it's vital that your TikTok page has some videos of you being you. You don't have to buy into the trends of dancing or lip-syncing if that's not your style. Just share some basic videos of you doing what you do best. Whether it's talking directly to the camera, fooling around with your friends or playing football. As long as there's a video showing that you're a real person and not some bot, that's step one done and dusted.

Step 2: Show off your skills

Unless you're really good looking, you're going to need to show off a little if you want to stand out on such a saturated platform. No one likes a basic, no-skills 'nice guy.' You gotta show what makes you unique. Give those women a reason to want to fuck you. Why should they pick you over anyone else?

When we say 'skills', we don't mean juggling or quad-biking (unless you happen to be a pro at either of those), and it doesn't have to be sexual in nature. Are you a great chef? Show off your cooking skills. Got great fashion sense? Show off your style. Highlight whatever makes you you.

It gets simpler than that too. TikTok is a real gaming-centric platform, with lots of popular TikTokkers also being professional gamers. Got a passion for games? Show it. Got a passion for sports, music, books, film memorabilia, technology? Put it on display to give your profile a little character.

Step 3: Show you're single

On TikTok, everyone is either desperately single or in the hottest relationship on earth. There's no middle ground.

TikTok isn't a place to be reserved - especially when it comes to the sexual side of things. There's no shame to be found here. Therefore, no one will bat an eyelid if you mention in your videos that you're a single pringle. In fact, it's pretty much expected for people to put their relationship status on show.

Just like sexy couples are quick to make cute videos of them cuddling bed, the #singletiktok community and quick to joke about their loneliness and longing for someone to be by their side.

All it takes is a short joke video, like this poor guy here. Hell, you don't even have to be coy about it. This guy certainly isn't. As long as you make the intention clear - yes, I'm single and available - this will improve your hooking up odds significantly.

Step 4: Add some hashtags

You didn't think you were the only single person looking to hook up on here, did you?

Of course not. There's already a whole community of singles seeking out their next sexual partner or romantic relationship. In fact, it's become so common that there's already a million hashtags which singles use when they share their videos.

Here's an extensive list:

  • #someonedateme
  • #datemeplz
  • #wouldyoudateme
  • #plsdateme
  • #pleasedateme
  • #reasonstodateme
  • #somebodydateme
  • #datemeplease
  • #datemethen
  • #iddateme (only use this one if you're too young to remember Silence of the Lambs)
  • #datemepls
  • #datewithme
  • #plzdateme

Adding these to the end of your clips will let other single people find you in their search results, increasing your reach exponentially.

Step 5: Slide into those DMs

Once you've done steps 1-4, you have two choices. Either wait until people contact you, or make the first contact yourself.

If you're a guy, then the bad news is that you're gonna be doing a lot of first-contacting. That's just the way social media goes. However, women are used to being approached by guys, so don't sweat it too much. Don't get the famous approach anxiety because that will only hinder you.

All you need to do is message another TikTokker with a casual, non-sexual message. Make sure to personalize it to them or they'll see right through it. Don't send the same message to a million different girls because it will be obvious you've copied and pasted.

The most important part? Don't come across too needy and keep any sexual stuff out of it. Don't over-share any details about yourself too, because if they're interested, they'll be able to see everything about you from your profile (providing you've followed the steps above).

If she's one of those dancing TikTokkers, a message like 'hey, your last video is great. Where did you learn to move like that?' would be perfect. If she's a gamer, mention games. It's as easy as that.

Lastly, and this is very important, if she tells you she's not interested, say thanks and move on. Never, EVER give her a snarky retort or put her down, because chances are she'll screenshot your conversation and post it for other girls to see.

If you've done everything right, it's just a matter of striking up a rapport with other TikTokkers and going with the flow. You might be surprised how many girls on there are using the app to find their next partner, so follow our steps, good luck and let us know how things go!