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Best Guide To Start Kik Sexting For Fun And Sex

If you have Kik installed on your phone, chances are you're using it for sexting.

Since Kik arrived on the market a few years, it's surpassed Snapchat, Skype and several other message services as the number one platform for sexting. Used by millions in the United States alone, with an average 1.2k new users every day, sexting on Kik seems to be favorite pastime of adults the world over.

But with so much going on, where do we begin? You probably have a ton of questions: where do I find girls to sext? How do I ensure my nudes aren't shared? Is Kik better than Snapchat? What the hell are Kik groups? Don't worry, we've answered them all for you.

If you're ready to embark on your journey into sexting, Kik is the app to install. We've composed a short Kik sex guide to ensure that your inbox is overflowing with nudes, and to get you laid in record time.

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Find Kik Usernames

The first and most important step on your Kik sexting journey is to find girls on Kik. Luckily, there are some very open girls out there. A lot of them are happy to flaunt their Kik sexting usernames all over Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and many other apps.

To help you connect with a new chat partner, here's a quick list of Kik girls' usernames to add. In no particular order:

  • Kik username: Milfsophi - Orlando FL, United States
  • Kik username: Wendydominik 23yo - Houston TX, United States
  • Kik username: Kayleehs - NY, United States
  • Kik username: Panties-4sale - Virginia, United States
  • Kik username: Binyte - AL, United States
  • Kik username: Tarsha3847 - NE, United States
  • Kik username: Asshorny97 - Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Kik username: Arkayni - WY, United States
  • Kik username: Kizzy5926 - New Jersey, United States
  • Kik username: Mariya629 - MS, United States
  • Kik username: HMU-real-girl - Miami, United States
  • Kik username: Ava88609 - MA, United States
  • Kik username: Gemytria - Brussels, Belgium
  • Kik username: Desyfes - Berlin, Germany
  • Kik username: Boyfriends-peckage - Toronto, Canada
  • Kik username: Coles8748 - Paris, France
  • Kik username: Sherry-JOI - Poznan Warsaw, Poland
  • Kik username: Girl-on-fire - London, United Kingdom

The girls listed above have openly posted their usernames on the internet, so they won't be shocked to find you've added them. If possible, try and add girls in your country. We've tried to cover the most popular countries for your convenience.

Join Kik Groups

Another great way to meet dirty Kik girls and get sexting is to join Kik groups.

What's a Kik group? Well, they're kinda like forum threads, or old chat rooms. They're the place to visit if you want to find Kik usernames on the quick. Here's a few of the more popular groups and a quick description of each:

  • #kikdirty - sexting, selling nudes, Kik nudes, porn videos
  • #kik-videochat - videochats, cam shows, cam girls, chat sexting
  • #kikfriender - usernames for girls' Kik and Snapchat accounts
  • #chat-mate-roulette - Kik version of chat roulette
  • #something-wild - cam show, webcam sessions
  • #cock-rates - a place for guys to post their own nudes
  • #sexting-girls-and-boys - main Kik sexting, post nudes, sext experience, find sexting buddies
  • #find-snapchat-friends - official Kik group for, Snapchat usernames
  • #gfe-customs - buy the Girlfriend Experience for a price.
  • #buyers-market - page for paid sexual services
  • #lights-camera-popshot - video chat with other users

Start Sexting

Once you've added some usernames, it's time to find out just how dirty Kik members can be.

First of all, get the polite stuffs out of the way. You need to gradually steer the conversation around to nudes and sex. If you jump right in, then you're just going to come across as needy. Remember, this isn't Snapchat. You can't just send photos and hope for the best.

Ask her about everything other than sex. Stay from it for a while. Look through her profile and try to gauge her personality from her pics, bio or her Kik photo thumbnail. Ask her about her life, her interests, how long she's been single, etc.

Pretty soon, she'll be aching to get down to business, so start getting sexy with your messages. Ask her about the kind of stuff she likes in the bedroom, her fantasies, her previous sexual experiences. As long as you build up a rapport beforehand and act respectful, she won't consider you a creep.

Exhange Nudes

The next step after Kik sexting? Nudes.

There's a very simple rule when it comes to nudes: only send them when you have consent! An unsolicited nude pic is a one-way ticket to Block City. When women wanna see your dick, they'll ask for it. This isn't Snapchat where you can just send pics willy nilly. Wait for the request to come, and if you're sexting game is on point, it will.

It doesn't matter if you're a guy, girl or any other gender, you need to know the rules of taking good nudes pics.

Take a look at some of the big names on Snapchat or Instagram to get an idea of how people take great pictures. Lighting is very important. Highlight your best features. Face, body shape, tits, groin packages, that massive member in your pants - if you've got it, flaunt it.

It's also crucial that there's nothing incriminating in the background of your content. She doesn't wanna see a cum-stained top or a dirty cup on your bedroom floor. Likewise, and this goes without saying, don't send her old pictures either. Make sure they're recent, and make sure there's only you in the pics. No friends, no exes, no guests.

The same rules apply if you're going for the video chat option. Keep it tasteful.


Time to go in for the kill. Providing you've sufficiently juiced her up with sexts and hot vids, your next point of navigation is to the bedroom.

It's just a matter of putting the suggestion in her head. A simple word or two will do the trick. 'How about I come over there and show you just how naughty I can be?'

She might say yes, she might say no. But you're one step closer to getting laid than you were yesterday. Even if she rejects your advances, that doesn't mean she's out of bounds for good. There's every chance she'll come around in the future.

The guys who get laid with different women regularly do this over and over. They eventually build up a whole phonebook of potential hookup buddies, and scrolling through their names on a lonely night is like looking through a menu in a restaurant that only sells sex.

We hope the information above has helped you refine your Kik sexting game. Practice makes perfect, so go out and use other sites like Snapchat to get your name out there.


As there are thousands of Kik users out there ready and willing to text with strangers, it's important to keep yourself safe.

If you read the terms and conditions disclaimer section of the Kik site, it states that the app is a magnet for bots and spam. Unfortunately, since Kik is a free service, keeping away offenders like this is an uphill battle for them. This isn't exclusive to Kik, either. Websites like Snap Inc and Skype Inc report similar issues.

The solution? Dont trade pictures with just anybody. Get your chat partner to verify their identity (outside of Kik) before chatting in-depth with them. Scour their profiles to see if they're legit. Many scammers will try and befriend you first, but they're just time wasters. Furthermore, make sure any people you connect with are above legal age, since Kik has a target demographic of teenagers.

In addition to being a sexting website, Kik is also a location for sellers of adult materials to find a potential buyer. Cam girls and amateur porn stars sell things like sextapes and custom vid, but the majority of them are easy to spot. If anyone starts talking about money or your 'preferred payment method' then run a mile. If anyone mentions PayPal, Cashapp, Venmo, Amazon Gift Cards, simply block them and move on.