Instagram Sex

Instagram Sex? Here's Why Getting Laid Using Social Media Might Be Easier Than You Think.

Think of any dating app out there. Tinder, POF, Match. They're all full of young, single people looking to show off their sexy good looks and connect with like-minded people.

Now look at Instagram; also full of young, single people looking for exactly the same thing. Hell, a recent report showed that Tinder and Instagram actually have a huge crossover in terms of users. If someone's using an online dating site to find sex, chances are they're on Instagram too.

Tinder even has a very active presence on Instagram, where it highlights some of its users looking to extend their reach. The two go just together like peanut butter and jelly.

So, why is it much easier thank you think to get sex though Instagram? Well, we've compiled some of the best reasons below. So create your account, find some horny singles, then read on for our guide to Instagram sex.

Everyone Wants Attention

Instagram is a hive of the most vain, narcissistic people in the world - and that comes with a few advantages.

We're all vain to some degree. Everyone wants to be recognized for their looks, talents or achievements. Instagram brings all these people together in a way which makes it possible for these things to be celebrated in a fun, inclusive way.

However, Instagram has clear sexual overtones, not to mention its format naturally attracts those looking for physical validation. This vanity will likely stretch to other areas of their physical self too, namely sexual gratification. Put simply, that skinny wannabe model you've been following is likely to be more sexually-charged than some introverted girl sitting at home reading Harry Potter.

More Explicit Than Tinder

How often do you see bikini pics on a Tinder or POF account? How often do you see a girl provocatively posing in lingerie? Pretty much never. It's always boring scenic shots or a plain old bedroom selfie.

However, Instagram is a different beast entirely. Inhibitions are much lower over here, and it's often a race to be as naked as possible without breaking the nudity rules. Men aren't afraid to get their shirts off and women aren't afraid to show off their sweaty gym photos. Occasionally, you'll even get a nip-slip or an eyeful of bush.

That kind of stuff would never fly on a dating site. People would instantly be labeled sluts or easy whores. But on Instagram, it's somewhat encouraged. It's actually a very strange contrast, and almost completely the opposite of the intentions of each platform. Message someone on a dating site asking for instant sex? You'll probably get your account banned. Message someone for Instagram sex? You'll probably get a response.

Quite obviously, this makes things even easier for you, and is just another reason to ditch that Tinder account and start DMing girls on Instagram.

Better Interactivity

What do dating profiles have? A short bio, a few pics, maybe a video, almost none of which is ever sex related. That's it. Wow, what a way to make a connection.

But with social media and Instagram in particular, you have a number of ways to interact with another person. Like their stuff, comment on their posts, tag them in someone else's post, tag them in your own post, share some content with them. Since Instagram started employing the use of hashtags, it's now even easier than ever to find people who share your interests.

Seach Instagram by #singleandlooking or #newyorkhiphop or #minecraft and you'll find account after account of like-minded people. Drop some DMs, get involved in the community and strike up some rapport with a few people. You'll quickly find that sex becomes a very viable option.

Easier To Make Connections

And once you've done this, you'll find it much easier to connect with people who you're more likely to want sex with. You're able to see everything about them from their Instagram account, including their likes, their dislikes, their hobbies and anything else. This gives you much more conversation ammunition when you strike up a chat with them. It sure beats the 'hi, how are you?' shit that usually gets peddled on Tinder and other 'sex' apps.

It goes the other way too. People can see everything about you just from your Instagram profile. It also lets them see you as more of a 'real' person rather than just a throwaway name on a dating site. It increases the odds of sex significantly (so make sure that your profile is fully filled out with various pictures of you!)

Instagram Is Free

Lastly, and perhaps the most obvious advantage to finding sex on Instagram is that it's totally free.

Every dating site has a built in cost somewhere. Whether it's paying for more swipes, upgrading to premium or unlocking special features, apps need to make their money somewhere.

Instagram, on the other hand, is totally free and always will be. Zero hidden costs anywhere, which makes it the ultimate platform to find sex.

Use Instagram To Hook Up Tonight

Follow the above steps and you'll have the best possible chance of finding sex on Instagram While it's not guaranteed by any means, it's a great way to start, and it's much more fun, inclusive and interactive than endless swiping on some dating app.

When you first initiate contact over DM, remember to initially keep the sex talk to a minimum! You don't want her thinking you're a creep. Once you've made a solid connection, gradually introduce sex related comments and questions and let natural conversation flow free.

It's also important to remember that successfully finding sex can be nothing more than a numbers game. You're going to have more chance of hooking up if you hit up 30 women instead of 3, so make sure you DM game is strong and start getting out there. If you get rejected, move on to the next one. Simple as that.

Instagram Sexting Guide - How To Get Laid Just From Sending DMs

All social media apps can be used to get laid. It's a simple truth. Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, - guys and girls all over the world are using these platforms for sexting, phone sex, sharing nude images and of course, hooking up.

It's not surprising when you think about it. Instagram is a social network site crammed with young, sexually-charged users who crave attention and validation. A simple DM from a stranger can easily lead to sexting and beyond - and this is all capable from the device in your hand.

Now that Kevin Systrom, the brains behind Instagram has introducted Instagram Direct, filing up your inbox with messages, nudes, photos of boobs and anything else is easier than ever before. Suddenly, Instagram has quickly become the go-to app for sexting. So read on for our guide to Instagram sexting.

Post Your Own Content

First thing's first - you need your own photos and videos. People don't like blank, default profiles. You need a name, a face, and a striking profile picture. The more details, the better.

Contrary to societal guidelines, you don't need your profile photo to show you topless on a jet ski or sipping champagne in a club. Just something simple which shows your identity. Don't just screenshot a guy with a ripped body off Getty Images. It needs to be legit or people will see right through it.

Once that's out the way, spend a few weeks adding various pictures and videos to show your activity. Not only will this help increase your reach, but it show other users that you enjoy an interesting and varied lifestyle.

Add Your Real Friends

Before the sexting can begin, it's important to add your real life friends and go show that you're not some introverted creep. Women will be much more responsive to messages from guys who have their own social circles because it shows that you're capable of forging a strong relationship.

Hell, if you don't have any friends you can add, source some through some online groups. Some guys choose to hide their number of followers (from the settings tab), but don't do this because it will look like you have something to hide.

Once you've connected with some more people and you've got a decent amount of content, interact with as many people as you can. We don't mean through Instagram Direct, we mean leave comments on people's photos, like the odd video or two, exchange a little back and forth with other people.

Show Off

Instagram is full of boring, middle-of-the-road guys with goatees and cloud tattoos and the sad truth is that no one is going to message them back. So, if you want views and replies to your messages, you're going to have to do something to stand out. You're gonna have to market yourself a little.

Don't worry though, there's a simple solution here. It doesn't mean that you suddenly have to get jacked or learn to motorcross. Everyone is good at something, so go show that thing off. Great chef? Post some cooking tips. Can you shred on guitar? Post evidence of it. Gifted photographer? Post photographs. Write erotic stories? Been in the New York Times? Run a local newsletter? Anything like this will show off your character, so use it to your advantage.

Instagram has a built-in filter tool so you can edit your shots to make them perfect too. Don't be shy with it, either. It's used by the Instagram masses and it's one of its most useful features for jazzing up files. (Handy tip: the desktop version of the app has more ways to edit than the smartphone version).

Target The Right Girls

Here's a question - if you sext Selena Gomez out of the blue, what do you think is gonna happen?

She'd block you, as any person would. It's the same as when obviously-fake scammers named Crystal add you on Skype and pester you for cam sessions with them. You immediately zone out and lose interest.

Sure, Instagram is a great sexting app, but you need to choose your targets wisely. You can't just go sending texts to anyone and everyone. Find the perfect recipient. Ease your way in so the dangers of blocking aren't so prevalent. Then, and only then will you find yourself on the path to perfect Instagram sexting.

Target accounts with less than 1k -5k followers. Only follow adults (for a sext app, there's a lot of teens on Instagram, so word of caution on this). Another useful tip is to search hashtags to find that perfect someone. Tags like #single or #singleandlooking are perfect for finding others looking for sex or sexting on their mind.

Like, Comment, Ask

But before you open up communication on Instagram Direct, first strike up a rapport with a user you've landed on. She might be someone you know personally or a complete stranger from your city. Whoever she is, hold fire on the direct messages until you've got sufficient levels of engagement with her.

Like her content. Comment on that advertisement image she plugged. Ask her if she gets commission on it. Make a joke about insider trading. Be a real person, not a humorless weirdo.

The more you interact with her, the more data you'll have about her. You'll know her likes, dislikes, hobbies, friends, and so forth. This is great conversation fuel.

Once that's over with, it's just a matter of upping the ante.

Slide Into DMs

Fire up the Bat signal, because this is the section where you get down to business.

She knows you. She's seen your name on her screen before. There's a pang of familiarity. She probably even knows the reason you're messaging her.

This information will give you a much better chance of getting a response from her. Your first line should be something innocent (don't sext yet!), like asking something about her latest post. What's her workout routine? Is she a video gamer? Has seen that new Netflix series? Did she receive her Wish order she was complaining about the other day? Encryption is included in Instagram Direct, so don't worry about your texts getting leaked.

If she replies, naturally move the convo along. Avoid sexting until you've built up a strong rapport, then ask her out on a date. It might surprise you, but women enjoy sexts and dating too, so you have as good a chance as anyone else of finding success.

A Word Of Caution

Technology has made access to potential fuck partners very easy. Chances are - you're not gonna be the first guy to confide in her, nor the last, so don't be disheartened if she turns you down.

If that is the case, don't continue to text her or you'll come across as a creep and ruin any chance you possibly had. If she blocks you, don't stalk her on Snapchat or other social networks either. Just let it rest. It's all part of the learning experience.

Sexting on phone has never been easier, so just because page one hasn't been in your favor, page two or three could be completely different. You have a lot of options available, so keep searching on the platform for other women to hit up.

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