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Why Finding Tinder Sex Might Be Easier Than You Think

Tinder claims to be an app for hookups, one night stands and all manner of casual sex. Search Google for hookup, and Tinder is the first result you'll see in the sidebar. You can't mention casual sex these days without Tinder rearing its head.

But if we're being honest, Tinder's got a reputation for not living up to its promises.

Just scour the internet for real life Tinder stories and you'll see that not everyone believes Tinder to be the ultimate in hookups apps. In fact, lots of people shout about other apps for hooking up to be much more successful than Tinder.

Believe what you will, but we're here to tell you that getting sex on Tinder is actually pretty easy. It's by no means the insurmountable hurdle your best friend has made it out to be. Sure, other dating sites and hooking up apps work too, but Tinder's the best service of them all. With 50 million users across the world, it's the most active dating platform in the existence.

Your pool of potential matches is absolutely huge. There's no way you're not getting laid at least once off this dating app. In fact, we're so confident we can get you sex that we've put together this handy guide full of tips, secrets, updates and ancient wisdom. Read on for all the information you need about Tinder sex.

Broaden Your Horizons

Before we jump into the profile / chatting / flirting aspect of Tinder, we need to address something else.

Not everyone on Tinder is looking to hookup. Far from it. If you've spent any time on this dating site, you've probably seen people with things like 'no hook ups' or 'looking for serious relationship only' in their profile. This is one of Tinder's biggest pitfalls. It markets itself as a hook up app, yet has millions of women looking for long-term partners. What a drag.

When it comes to getting sex, sometimes, you have to play a little dirty. We're not advocating any unethical stuff here, but breaking the rules a little will help get you sex quicker. Let's say you come across a local hottie. Good photos, interesting profile contents - everything checks out.

But suddenly, you see 'no one night stands' in her profile. Ouch. Back to square one.

But wait right there. Imagine for a second you start dating this woman. The opportunity for sex is gonna come knocking eventually, right? This girl doesn't have to know you're not looking for a serious relationship. So swipe right and start chatting. Besides, she might even be your perfect partner.

Put simply, don't overlook profiles simply because the person isn't solely looking for someone to fuck. Try every flavor of user, because your chances of sex increase with every approach.

Get Your Profile Photo Right

Before you even start worrying about swiping, put some effort into your Tinder profile. Dating apps are all about the first impressions, and those first impressions include pictures and selfies. They say that love is blind, but that's total bullshit. Thanks to this app, love is very much visual.

Truthfully, people don't check your bio info or your interests list first. If you want to grab a woman's attention immediately, you need two things: luck and a good profile picture.

Tinder isn't Facebook or Twitter or Happn. This isn't a place to be funny or use emojis or post memes. If you waste your profile picture by posting a stupid video game character or an album cover then you deserve all the rejection you get. You wouldn't walk up to a girl at the bar or beach and instantly say 'I'm a loser,' would you? No, so don't do it here.

The best profile photos highlight your best features. Face, hair, body, etc. To any guys reading this, try to avoid the bog-standard gym selfie. So many users do this that it's become a cliche.

Choose a pic that has good lighting and clearly shows your face. Avoid group pics or photos that involve your friends, especially if any of them look better than you. And the best tip you'll ever get: never, ever use a photo of you and your ex. There are zero people out there who want to see that. Try and upload at least four to six pics to give visitors a good idea of what you look like.

Another surefire way to get results is to pick a photo that puts the focus on your personality. Involved in the local community? Show it. Outdoors type? Post a picture of you hiking. Events type? Post that photo of your last wine tasting session. Showcase your hobbies, providing they're worth showcasing (if your weekend activities include eating pizza in bed, maybe keep that detail to yourself).

If you're on Tinder purely for sexting, you should still use a real photo of yourself. Don't just steal an image off Getty Images because it will be obvious. Love is blind, our asses.

Fill Out Your Bio

A lot of people leave their bios blank because they think sex apps are solely about the photos. What they don't realize is that this limits your pool of potential matches for many reasons.

Reason number one: just because someone is DTF, doesn't mean they don't care about your personality. They still want to know that the person they're chatting with is human and not just a a living sex toy.

Reason number two: let's say your profile photos don't do it for someone. But they check out your bio tags and boom, there's something there they connect with. Your chance of getting laid just shot up. Think of your bio as a second line of defense just in case your photos don't get the job done. Filling out that bio doesn't seem like a bad idea now, does it?

Your bio doesn't have to be a novel, either. Just a few lines about yourself; name, age, location, hobbies, passion, things that interest you. Just the kind of stuff you'd mention if you were meeting someone in person.

Some advice to keep in mind: don't make the mistake of coming across like a douche. A lot of men try to show off, and unless you're a super-ripped A-list celebrity with a unique talent, you'll just look like an asshole. Some things not to mention:

Money. Your potential daters don't care and it comes off as insecure. Besides, if you claim to make 100k a year, and her ex made 200k, you're going to look pretty foolish in comparison. Boasting about cash puts a numerical value on your worth.

Your fetishes. Sure, you might crush on ladies dressed as cats, but it's not something others need to know right away. Keep this private until she's more comfortable around you.

Your sexual intentions. No one needs to know that you're just looking to hook up - at least not yet. That's another conversation for further down the line.

Get Your Swipes On

It's time to start swiping on some people. Don't be to selective. Like we mentioned earlier, even if a members profile says 'no link ups' or anything like that, it's still a good idea to swipe right if they interest you.

However, if you come across someone who you have no intention of ever messaging, then for god's sake swipe left. Sure, Tinder sex is a numbers game, but if you're not attracted to them, then you're just going to put yourself in a tricky situation.

In our experience, these interactions are nothing more than a waste of time. You'll have plenty of choices available, so don't just swipe on every stranger you come across because the majority of them you won't message when push comes to shove.

Besides, if your heart isn't in it, then your conversations will just stagnate. This just makes things more awkward for the both of you.

Message Immediately

If you want sex and want it quick, you should message any users you match with rights away. Strike while the iron is hot. You're on a time limit here. No rest for the wicked.

Why? Well, if you've matched with a hot girl on Tinder, chances are she's probably matched with some other guys too. Her email inbox is undoubtedly brimming with matches. What's the point of waiting it out? She's probably getting chatted up by another guy at the very same time, and if you don't jump in, you'll be lost in the shuffle. Therefore, the solution is obvious.

Don't worry about looking desperate or needy either. This is a common fear, but it's completely unneccessary. The whole purposes of sex apps is to message people and make connections. How are you ever gonna connect with anyone if you don't chat?

If you don't talk, someone else is going to jump in and reap the benefits for you. Work your magic right away to increase your chances of getting sex.

Stand Out From The Crowd

It can be hard to get noticed on a sex app like Tinder, but nine times out of ten, all it takes is a little creativity. You have three things at your disposal to make a good first impression: Your photos, your bio and your opener.

Yes, a lot of users get ignored after making first contact, but this is usually because their convos don't take off. They say generic comments like 'hey' or 'how are you beautiful?'

No, this won't fly. There are many terms to never use, and 'hey' is one of them.

You have unlimited words at your disposal, so put a little effort in to your messages. Look through her profile and find something fun to talk about.

Example - does she have pictures of travelling around various cities? Holiday snaps? Ask her what she thought of London, Paris, Tokyo. Ask questions about her hobbies, her interests, her family, the news, her drink of choice. There's a million ways to seal the deal, so just use your brain and you'll be fine.

Don't turn it into a question and answer session either. And the moment that she starts giving one word answers, either cut your losses or up the quality of your conversation.

Trust us when we say the bar is very low for standing out on Tinder. Humans tend to stumble when faced with the possibility of rejection - it's pop psychology 101. Expectations are not very high, so providing you don't fall in with the mundane 'hey' crowd, you'll already be at an advantage. Be the best version of yourself you can be. Vary your conversations between categories so she doesn't get bored. Keep your tone casual.

No Sex Talk - Yet

Sex apps are for sex, yes, but it's not that simple. Believe it or not, you won't immediately get sex if you're up front about it. Certainly not on Tinder.

Want to take a guess at how many people immediately open with 'u looking for sex?' and expect to score? A lot. And how many are successful? None. In nearly 100% of cases, they get shot down quicker than Harvey Weinstein's lawyers.

This isn't a generational thing either. Don't be thinking you're exempt from this rule because you run with the millennials crowd. You don't immediately go up to girls at parties or bars and ask them if they want to Netflix and chill. There's no difference between this and that, so play by the same rules.

You have to build up a connection, question her on a few things and non-sex stuff. Talk about your lives like well-rounded adults, and pretty soon, the language of sex will work its way into your texts. It's a natural progression.

Oh, and this one should go without saying - no dick pics. No sex imagery whatsoever. Sex apps aren't an area for users to be as gross as possible. If you do that, you can kiss goodbye to any possibility of sex.

Exchange Phone Numbers

Communicating on the Tinder app is important, but it's even more important to move away from the app to text messages. There are articles out there which go into the fine details about why moving away from the app is vital to success. A very low percentage of dates are ever arranged through the app itself. Exchanging numbers comes with quite a few pros:

You don't have to give too much thought to this step. Just ask for her number. No strategy or planning necessary. If you're both on the same page, she'll be happy to move away from the app too. Even better, phrase it as a joke: 'I'm thinking of getting off Tinder soon. Too many girls have got their eye on me. Want to move over to texting?'

Congratulations, you're one step closer to getting sex.

Another great reason to get away from Tinder is so that you'll stay on her radar even if she disappears from the app. Sex apps have a tendency to be transient in people's lives. People often install them and delete them just as quickly. If that happens, you'll have at least one alternative way of contacting her.

Ask Them On A Date

Stats show that this is the part where people fall down. Despite the prospect of sex being a possibility, worries take over when it comes to things becoming real.

Before you progress to sex, you'll need to make arrangements of a different kind. Most people won't just jump into bed without at least meeting you once for something a little more innocent.

Ask them out for drinks or something casualx. How casual you get is up to you - just don't invite her over to your house because that's a major red flag. Take her somewhere where you can talk, somewhere with privacy, somewhere where you don't have an audience.

You don't have to wine and dine her. You don't have to take her to a space shuttle launch. Bar, restaurant, golf course, even a walk around some of the nicer areas of your city or town.

Enjoy each other's company be respectful. Pretty soon, you might be able to jump between the sheets - and that's the desired end game.

Don't be too sex-keen when you're out there. Ironically, she's more likely to want to sex you up if you don't make it incredibly obvious.

Sex is a team effort. She needs to be in the right frame of mind before taking things to the next level with you. But if she's agreed to a date wth you, you've already got one one foot off the ground.

Be Safe

This has two meanings. The first one involves taking precautions of the safe sex kind. Condoms, protection, etc. Attitudes towards sex are very lenient in the modern age. People aren't waiting for marriage until they get down to business anymore. Many singles might have a couple of friends with benefits who they see on the side. And who's to say how many strangers they've had a fling with? Safety first.

On the other hand, being safe means making sure the person on the other end of the app isn't talking to you with malicious intent. Make sure they're not a scammer or a con-man. It's unlikely, but it's definitely a factor to consider. If you get a feeling something isn't right, back off.

Technology has made it easy for shady dealers to make mine data and other issues. Sex apps are particularly notorious for them too. Trust your feelings and instrincts.

Tinder Plus vs Tinder Gold

If you've spent any time on the app, you've probably seen the signs for Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. Before we finish this article, we're going to take a quick look at the functions of these two features, and whether or not they aid you in getting sex.

The Tinder Plus model is simple. It shows you all of the users who've already swiped right on you, so you're free to chat to them without having to go through the matchmaking system. It also shows you all of the visits you've had to your profile. A very useful principle indeed.

Tinder Gold is a different story. Here's some of the features it offers:

  • Passport - swipe in another country if you're going on holiday there
  • Rewind - un-swipe people you've swiped left on
  • Super Likes - your profile will be highlighted to any one you Super Like
  • Boost - appear as a 'top profile' in your area

Unfortunately, you'll need to pull out the credit cards if you want to access these app upgrades. Plus is currently $9.99 per month, whereas a Gold membership will set you back $29.99. If you already have Tinder Plus, you have the option to upgrade to Gold for a slight increase.

Compared to other sex apps like Bumble or Happn, these app rates aren't too bad, and the concept of them is pretty useful. But are they vital to get sex? Absolutely not.


Tinder is no longer an app purely for sex. There are many factors which play into getting laid these days, but of all the sex apps on the market, Tinder is by far the best one on planet earth.

With so many individuals to choose from, not to mention the mix of people (LGBTQ, gender fluid, etc), the app is a hive of open-minded folks looking to make connections. Everything from long-term relationships to no-strings fucking can be found on the app, making it a great all-rounder.

If your preferences lie elsewhere, for example, you're only concerned with getting laid, then perhaps try some of the more casual sex-related platforms out there. Check out Feeld, or head over to the Local Nudes website and set up an account on there.

Regardless, you're sure to cross paths with some people you'll connect with on Tinder, so give it a shot. You might be surprised where it leads.

The Best Places To Find Tinder Fuck Videos In 2020

You might think of Tinder as a SFW platform, since nudity is banned on the app. However, Tinder porn is a different story altogether. Porn sites are loaded with amateur videos of kinky Tinder users filming their sexual adventures and uploading them to the world for maximum views.

And we're here to show you them. We've put together the best places to find Tinder fuck porn videos anywhere online. So put your phone away, pull out your dick - and enjoy.


Pornhub is number one in all categories. Most video results, best video quality, most views. It's the go-to page for anything porn related.

Type 'Tinder porn,' hit the search button and you'll find nothing short of 19k results. Filter the results by most views and you'll find the following hot videos.


Second only to Pornhub in terms of daily views, XVideos is one of the top porn channels anywhere online. Ads are minimal, it's got a section just for cam models and it's got more porn videos than you could watch in a lifetime.

Filter searches for 'Tinder porn' by most views and you'll be treated to the following delightful clips.


XNXX has a real amateur feel going on. You won't find many big-name pornstars on here. Instead, it's mostly homemade clips by real women. The site gets somewhere in the region of 10 million views a day.

XVideos uses cookies to recommend videos to you, so you might see something different depending on your viewing history. But here's a taste of some of the hot content you can expect:


YouPorn is an aggregate site which pulls vids from other sites in its searches. It averages around 14 million views per day - a mightily impressive number. Ads are limited, views are high, and clips are uploaded in their hundreds daily.

Cookies do the hard work for you on YouPorn, so different people might see different results. However, he's some of the YouPorn videos with the most views.