Real Nudes

Here's How To Get Girls To Send You Real Nudes Right Now

Not all sexting apps are created equal. With so many platforms out there which cater to sexting and trading nude pics, it's only natural that some are better than others.

It feels like every day there's a new place which claims to be the hottest new app to swap explicit pics, but are there any which can actually back up their claims?

Yes, actually. There are plenty of platforms out there to get real nude photos today, you just need to know where to look. Luckily, we're here to show you the best ones. No porn videos, no ads. Just places to meet real girls who love sending shots of their tits. Sound good? Then read on for our guide.


In any conversation about real nude pics, Tumblr needs to be mentioned .

Tumblr's not a porn site, nor is it a sexting site. It's a blog website, however it's gained something of a dirty reptuation over the years. And we mean the good kind of dirty; lots of tits, sex movies, and amateurs showing themselves off. And with 1.1m active users at any one moment, there are plenty of guys and girls here to have fun with.

You might not think of Tumblr as a place to chat with girls, since most people use the site for easy porn videos and teen nudes. But therein lies Tumblr's beauty - the site is loaded with blogs that are run by amateur girls who just want somewhere to explore their sexual perversions.

How does this translate to filling up your inbox with naked photos? Easy, you just have to message these sluts and strike up conversation. Just find a babe who shares one of your fetishes and start talking to them.

If you find that you're compatible, you just need to step things up and escalate the conversation to sex.

Be sure to find a girl who's real as a lot of models and pro-adult girls use Tumblr to advertise. Amateur blogs are easy to spot since they usually reblog content a lot more than their professional counterparts. You won't find any ads or cookies on Tumblr, either. Just real girls, great video quality and easy access to nude pics.

One last note: Tumblr searches can be a real pain in the ass. The internal search function often overlooks a lot of NSFW views for some reason. An easier approach is perform Tumblr searches via Google instead.

Local Nudes

With around 1.9m active users at any one time, Local Nudes is hub of pics sharing activity.

What exactly is Local Nudes? You've heard of a dating site, right? Well, LocalNudes is a fucksite. If you're looking for that marriage-material girl, or someone to do GF activities with, this little corner of the internet isn't for you. Likewise, this isn't a place for porn videos.

Local Nudes is the ultimate collection of horny folk looking to get laid with minimal effort. Most of the women on here are adults with busy lives, so they don't have the time to meet boyfriends and girlfriends out in the real world. They want results and they want it now. Fuck buddies, friends-with-benefits - whatever provides instant pleasure without them having to bust their ass.

Signing up takes two minutes. Just stick in your email address, password, user name and basic information and you're ready to go.

Searches can be done in a number of ways, and results can be filtered down to find your ideal girl. Once you've done so, you just have to send them a message and take the conversation where you want. All categories of female are on here. Teens, MILFs, house wives, Asian honeys - they're all scouring LocalNudes looking for a new friend to trade real nude pics with.

Since all of LN's users are open-minded and ready for action, the kind of hot pics they're willing to send will a little more than your average thong shot. Some of these kinky cougars probably know positions you didn't think were humanly possible.

There's a world of sexual exploration at your fingertips. No ads or cookies, and not a single negative comment from us. If you want results and want them today, login to LocalNudes today and improve your sex life ten-fold.


Snapchat revolutionized the art of selfies, teen nudes and pussy-in-the-mirror pics.

You know what Snapchat is, right? It's an app for trading pictures, except all those pictures disappear off the face of the earth after about ten seconds. Obviously, this gimmick lends itself heavily to porn material, naked selfie photos and the like.

It's true that Snapchat is one of the most activate social media platforms on the net, with an estimated 2.8m users trading real nude shots every minute of the day. That's a whole lot of people sending pics their body parts around, so believe us when we say you should get in on the action.

Finding eager ladies willing to show off their tits is actually quite simple on Snapchat. Do some Google searches for 'Snapchat girl user names' and you'll find the names of thousands of amateur girls who love getting nasty. Just add them and strike up a convo. Since they have willingly put their user names out there, they won't mind you adding them to your friends.

Another way? Since every amateur porn star and their dogs are on the platform, follow some of the lesser known adult stars who are still building up their reputations. These porn beauties are much more likely to interact with their fans on a personal level, and this means personalized nudes coming right at you on a regular basis.

Once you start following some of these ladies, you'll start finding more adult content in your orbit. Every type of babe imaginable is on Snapchat, from classically beautiful blondes to quirky teens with multi-colored hair. No ads or cookies, video quality is outstanding and the userbase is the size of a large country.