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Sexy Selfies Sites To Check Out In 2021

It's hard to deny that the world has been on a steady decline since November 2016. Things just seem to get worse every month, and everyone knows that 2020 has been nothing short of a disaster. Most of us have been stuck in the house, reading article after article, scrolling through our phone, staring out the window and generally being in a bad mood.

But being stuck in lockdown has had its advantages for some. Bored girls the world over have been taking sexy selfies by the bucket load and posting them on social media, porn sites and sending them to their booty call friends. And since we've all got nothing better to do, we've scoured the internet and put together the best locations to check out these sexy selfies for yourself.

Look no further. We've got all the information you need below. For some hot selfies, and maybe the inspiration to take your own, here's our list of the best sites to check out as things hopefully get back to normal in 2021.

Obsessed With Myself

Self-shooting girls. Nude Instagram sluts. Sexy webcam girls. Big booty backsides. Luscious ladies of every kind.

That's the information in the sidebar of Obsessed With Myself, a page dedicated entirely to sexy selfies of hot girls. The 'about' information page states: With the largest collection of teenage girls filming themselves naked, or masturbating. These pictures and videos where never meant to hit the Internet, most where for their boyfriends eyes only. Sounds pretty great, doesn't it?

And amazingly, Obsessed With Myself lives upto its purpose. It's a treasure trove of sexy selfies, many of which have been sent to OWM's private inbox so you won't find them anywhere else online. The site is a little messy, with a composition laid out like an abstract art piece, but all the information is there. All of the photos are super high quality too, like Shutter Stock quality-HD.

Unfortunately, we can't link to any choice photos since OWM requires you to sign up to get access. It's not free, but with so many pics and sexy selfies on there, it's definitely worth the $34.99 a month. See more information and get a feel for Obsessed With Myself here.

Image Fap

Image Fap is something of a phenomenon. It's basically the photo-equivalent to Pornhub.

New photos are uploaded every minute of the day, incorporating every type of filthy content possible. While you'll find full rips of pro porn shoots, celebrity leaks and other high profile stuff, the majority of the nudes are amateur in creation. Every day girls posting sexy selfies from all angles for the world to see.

In addition to sexy selfies, you'll find a lot of wild and wacky photos over on Image Fap. Categories and niches you've probably never heard of before, so be wary when filtering by 'new' - unless you're looking for something different. Here are a few examples of the sexy selfies you'll find on here:

No matter what sexy poses you're looking for, you'll love everything about Image Fap. You can filter down results using the tags provided and if you sign up (for free), you can pin your favorite galleries You'll find more information on it here.

Pic Hunter

No bullshit, just free porn pics. That's Pic Hunter's motto. You've probably stumbled across PicHunter at some point during your travels. This site has been on the internet so long that it's older than most of the girls who post their pics on there.

While there are sexy selfies galore, the site filters down into two different approaches. The first is the classic user-submitted approach, featuring horny women posting selfie after selfie of themselves. However, PicHunter also has a few tricks up its sleeve.

The site features a unique aggregate system that pulls content from other porn sites, including high profile sites like Brazzers, Naughty America and All Over 30. Best of all, all the stars and studios are credited in the information section so you can check out more if you so desire.

Here's some examples:

Pornhub Albums

It's no mystery that Pornhub is the biggest adult community online. Millions of men and women the world over flock to it on an hourly basis to check out some sexier picture or video and put their hands to good use.

But while you've probably been to the main Pornhub page countless times, did you know there's a whole section dedicated to photos?

That's right. Sexy selfies, women giving head, ass shots, face shots, every pose imaginable - all in image form. It's actually a bit unknown, which is a lil strange considering Pornhub usually knocks its marketing out of the park.

But as you can expect from the people behind this thing, Pornhub Albums gets all the details right once you're in there. Not only can users upload their own piece for the world to view, but a lot of professional pornstars have a room on here too. Given Pornhub's huge reach, it's a great place for anyone to pick up some new followers.

Some tips: There's a pins button to bookmark your favorite posters / pornstars / channels, and if you download the Pornhub app (yes, it exists), there's an option to switch from light to dark mode to camouflage your screen in public.

Unlike the premium service Pornhub offers, the photo section is totally free. No account, no ads, just easy browsing in confidence. The only downside is that, unlike the videos section, there are no wacky comments to enjoy. For more information on Pornhub Albums, check it out here. Not safe for work, obviously.

Nude Selfies

If they've got a camera, a mirror or just an incredible body, chances are they'll end up on Nude Selfies.

Reddit not be a location you associate with porn. If that sounds like you, you missed a trick. Reddit has a real active porn side to it, and subreddits like Nude Selfies give weight to it being one of the best photo-centric platforms on the internet. Nude Selfies is a sub for attention-craving beauties to show off their luscious frame to all their Reddit neighbors.

In addition to sexy selfies being posted every hour of the day, this subreddit attracts real women posting real content. That means anything you're seeing has usually been taken personally by whoever's posted it. All of the photos you see, clips you watch and voices you hear have all been put there by the hottie in question. It's a great practice that soon helps people find their new favorite poser.

The way Reddit works is that the most popular photo will be at the front, whereas the ones which have been downvoted go to the bottom. It's a simple idea that means the best stuff is seen first, and it gets shot of the time wastewasters.