Snapchat Sex

Snapchat Sex - How To Get Laid With Snap App In 2020

Snapchat isn't a dating app, but that doesn't mean you can't use it get laid.

Any platform which connects people can be used for flirting, sexting and hookups - and Snapchat has proven as much. With 340 million active users on the site, it's a statistical probability that many users are going to be single, horny devils looking to make a new connection, meet their next sexting buddy and ultimately find someone to fuck.

But before you reach the finish line of Snapchat sex, there's a few hurdles along the way. You need to chat, flirt and snap sext before any sex takes place. And that's what we're here to help with.

Is your Snapchat game strong? How do you hold her attention? Do you know how to send and receive nude pictures properly? What about dick snaps? Selfies? And how do you know a girl isn't just looking to sell you some Snapchat porn?

We've compiled all the information you need in this article. Read on for our guide to Snapchat sex and help improve your sex life for the better.

Add Girls You Know

The first and most important step of getting Snapchat sex is to add your IRL friends on the website. Add everyone; guys, girls, even people you've only met once.

Why? Two reasons. First, it helps build your community. On Snapchat, you'll see posts from readers in your 'sphere', and you want this sphere to be as wide as possible so that you have access to more girls. Secondly, if you're active on Snapchat it shows you have IRL friends and you're not some creep. No one wants to interact with a profile which is nothing more than a name.

Naturally, the more women you can connect with, the better. It doesn't have to be thousands, just enough to better your chances of hooking up. You're more likely to hookup with someone you know rather than someone you don't.

A good way to find the Snapchat accounts of your friends is to scour the rest of their social media profiles. A lot of users have their Snapchat username in their website bios, especially on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Add Girls You Don't Know

Lots of people in the US are looking for sex on Snap - not just you. There are millions of guys and girls out there looking for fun and companionship, and when they're not able to get it in person, it's easy to just start using Snapchat to find it.

For a good chance of finding them, you need to extend your friends list to names you're not familiar with. You want to find girls from anywhere in the world, not just the part you're from.

It's quite easy. Just do a Google search for 'dirty Snapchat usernames' and you'll find a website or two listing women who have a reputation for being on the kinky side. While these will include pro models and the odd pornstar or two, you'll also find everyday babes who just love a side slab of dick. Add them, they certainly won't mind. In fact, they'll probably say thanks.

Also, this is where your social sphere comes in. If you add a hot girl who is already friends with another person you know, it's much easier to get a conversation going.

Take Some Snaps

Snapchat Stories are the location to post your sexy selfies. However, be sure not to over-do it. For instance, if you post borderline-nudes to every user following you, you're going to look like a man-whore. While it might do wonders for your popularity amongst your guy friends - no woman will want a piece of that. (Women can get away with coming across like sluts on Snapchat, but men can't).

Keep your smutty behavior to the minimum level until you're ready to progress to some Snapchat sex. Snapchat pages are like long bios, so populate your page with interesting content, including pictures, videos and even links to news articles, opinion pieces. Post a photo of something you have a passion for - it doesn't just have to be pics of you. These things will come in handy down the line. Use tags on your pics like #selfie or #me.

Start A Conversation

So, once you've got an active profile and you have one or two girls in your sights, it's time to start some conversations.

There are no rules in place here, so it's up to your creativity. However, the best way to initiate communication is to write a response to some thing she's posted. A picture, a video - anything.

Make sure that your first message is non-sexual and friendly. If she's posted some food photos, ask her if it's homemade. Posted some holiday destination screenshots? Ask where in the world it is. Find something to say and make it interesting.

Keep the process going. Talk to her about everything; work, your lives, your Snapchat experience, her novel idea, funny cat pictures on the internet. Cover as many categories as you can.

Keep her hooked, and slowly introduce a series of sexual advances. Things like 'wow, you work for the fire department? I assumed you were a model.'

Now, there are lots of ways this could go. It depends on the person. However, one thing you don't want to do is hound her for information if nothing is landing. If she stops sending messages, says she has a partner, or says she's not looking for Snapchat sex - then do yourself a favor and end the convo. Move onto friend number two and try again.

Go For The Kill

Do this enough times and you'll soon find success. And now, it's time to go for the main course.

let's say Snapchat sex is on the cards, how do you evolve that into a hookup?

You need to get her to the point that she can't say no. You want her to crave your touch like a Pornhub model craves attention. How do you do this? Give her a reason to want to fuck you - by ensuring your sexting methods are premium quality.

Use suggestive camera angles. Don't be afraid of showing images of your body. Send her a few voice clips to show your confidence. Make some requests of your own. Order her to send you a couple of sexy snapchats. Get her imagination running overdrive in the form of sexy role play.

Once she's sufficiently worked up, only then can you get down to business. Offer to meet her tonight, but also give her the option to hookup another day. 'Should I come round your house tonight or tomorrow?'

A Note On Snapchat Sex

We hope the information above has been useful and that you'll have success in improving your sex life. For more Snapchat guides, we have plenty on our website.

If you feel you want to practice your Snapchatsex skills before putting them to use on others, there are lots of dirty Snapchat users who offer a sexting feature. These are usually amateur pornstars or camgirls who do it as a free service due to the simple fact they enjoy it and it's good marketing for them.

In this case, there's no need for an introduction, five minutes of small talk or having to send her a face pic beforehand. As long as you have a phone and a Snapchat account, anyone can enjoy this feature.

Snapchat Sexting - Ultimate Guide For 2020

Sexting is a mainstay in the modern world. Nowadays, a large percentage of young couples first meet online before they meet in the flesh, whether this is thorugh dating or social media apps.

Snapchat is one such app which has birthed millions of new couples. The fact that Snapchat is such a hyper-sexed platform naturally attracts guys and girls who are highly sex-positive, many of whom find it exciting to share photos and videos with friends, strangers and potential fuck buddies.

And if you want to see results, you need to make sure your Snapchat sexting game is strong.

But some people find Snapchat sexting intimidating. Or worse still, some people just plain suck at it.

Don't worry though, because we've put together a handy guide to help you woo someone via Snapchat sexting. Is your selfie game on point? Know when you've sent too many nudes? What if there's an awkward silence? Read on for the ultimate guide for getting Snapchat sex and improve your sex life for the better!

Timing Is Everything

How many times have you heard a girl complain about unsolicited dick pics? Quite a few, we imagine.

On Snapchat, girls don't want to see everything right away. When you go to a restaurant, you don't start with the main course. It's the same with Snapchat sexting. You work your way up from the bottom, gradually teasing more and more as you sext with them.

Let's say you've just started talking to your potential sexting partner and she asks you for some a pic. Start with something light, for example, some selfies of just your face, or maybe you hanging around with friends.

Once you've planted the seed, you can gradually progress to nudes. Next try a shirtless selfie, then maybe a funny picture of your hands cupping your lower region in front of the mirror. Finally, once you're both comfortable, sext her some more explicit images.

Don't Wait Around

No one likes waiting for replies. This is the same with sex Snapchat.

Sexting should be a constant back-and-forth with limited downtime. Once both parties get a sense of this, the sexting be a much more fun experience for everyone.

When you send or receive nudes through Snapchat, keep your phone right next to you. If there's a ten minute pause between every message, the conversation (and sexting) is going to dry up quick. The sexual momentum will die out and you'll have to go text someone else. If you want to ultimately get your sex on, snap quickly and with consideration.

Check Your Surroundings

We don't know about you, but we've seen a lot of Snapchat users take nudes with junk in the background - and it's a big risk.

Things like litter, messy beds, cleaning products, even pets. Anything like this will reflect badly, reasons being that it implies you haven't put much thought into your snaps.

If you want to keep your photos sexy, clean that crap up. Keep your room in order. Your photos shouldn't be an advertisement for vacuums - you're trying to get your sext on, not show other users how lazy you are.

A photo like this can quickly turn sexy content funny or embarrassing. That's a problem you don't want.

Mind Your Filter Discipline

Social media app users love filters. Instagram and Kik are full of them. Of course, Snapchat is no different. On the Snapchat sidebar you'll see an option for dog, halo, roses, cheetah, sunglasses filters, amongst others. You've no doubt seen a dirty video or two of a hot couple fucking, only for it to be ruined because the chick is disguised as a dog.

If you're going for full-on serious sexting, avoid filters like the plague. There's just no reason for them to be present.

However, there's a middle ground. If you're teasing and you want to screw around, it's fine to throw in a harmless filter.

It's the same with emojis. Use them sparingly, or if you have a safety concern. For Instance, if you think there's a chance your nudes might be screen shotted, some members cover their explicit areas or their face with an emoji to put their minds at ease.

Anonymity Is Important

While we're on the subject, remember that you're essentially sexting with strangers. The person on the other end of Snapchat might not be who they say they are. It's easy for people to hide behind usernames.

So, don't mention your full name during your chat. If they question you on your personal data, don't give it. Fake accounts and scammers have sneaky ways to target victims and mine information, so keep any names, addresses and relationship details off the page.

Also remember to keep any distinguishing part of you covered up. Tattoos, piercings, body mods - use camera views or stickers to cover them up. You never know where your messages might end up, so don't risk it.

Keep Your Thirst Traps Ready

We have a thing called a camera roll for a reason. The unwritten rules of Snapchat sexting is to have at least three saucy pics in your inbox ready to fire off at any time. If you take ages to respond to a selfie with your own, your new friend might quickly get tired of waiting and take their sexting elsewhere. You don't want that.

Using Snapchat stories can really enhance your form too. For example, instead of sending your new Snapchat buddy a selfie directly, post it to Snapchat stories with a provocative caption like 'a special present for [username].'

Voice & Video Is Your Ally

To many young adults, leaving a voice message for someone is unheard of. But on Snapchat, a sexy word or two can make sexting much more intimate.

And if you really to impress your new boo, a short video sext can yield quite the result. Providing you keep it inthe realm of teasing not straight-up smut, this could send your popularity soaring.

Snapchat Usernames To Sext With

We hope our snap sext guide has given you some food for thought when it comes to your sexting game. Lastly, if you're looking for other users to connect with to put our tips into action, see our other Snapchat articles on our page. We have links to forum threads to help you find like-minded girls, along with a list of usernames to add to begin your journey.