Selfies Sex

Here's How to Have Selfies Sex Tonight. (Try This App)

There's a new trend going round the internet. All your friends are doing it. All the trend-setting countries like Japan, France and Taiwan are doing it. It's about time you got on board too.

What is it? Well, it's what's known as the sex selfie.

Sure, it sounds like nothing new. Porn has been full of sex selfies for years. But the sex selfie (sometimes known as a couplie) is taking over every mainstream social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. It's something you're going to run into pretty soon, so be prepared.

We won't lie either. Sex selfies are pretty hot, and when you see some of these sexy images, you're gonna want to get on the bandwagon. But what's that, you don't a partner? Well fear not, because we've put together a guide to help you find your sex selfies partner tonight!


First thing's first. You need to find a place packed with horny girls who are willing to take things to the next level. And fortunately, we know just the website.

Local Nudes is a new fuck app on the scene. It's a bit like a combination of social media and a dating site, except everyone on here has signed up for the same reason - to hook up.

No one here 'just wants to be friends' or is 'looking for someone to have kids with.' Every man and woman on Local Nudes just wants something to fuck.

Sign Up

The signup process is super simple. From the sidebar, choose 'get nudes' then follow the instructions. It should be the same on any device, whether you use phone, tablet or desktop.

Once that's done, fill in your profile. Input your basic information, answer the questions, and upload one or two photos. If you're worried about discretion (which many of our guys and girls are), use photos which don't show your face. You'll immediately get bombarded with hot content from every angle.

Search For Girls

In accordance with modern dating site techniques, we make sure to keep the ratio of guy-to-girl users equal. This way, your chance of finding love, or at least some potential fuck partners, is a lot higher than on Tinder, Instagram, or wherever else.

Hit the search button to find women in your area. People will be shown in order of nearest first, however, you can specify your criteria. For example, if you want to only see certain people, you can. You can narrow down by nationality (European, South American, etc), body type and even marital status (single, married, couple).

Get Chatting

You don't have to beat about the bush with people on Local Nudes. You don't have to study their bio, ask about their parents or take them to a romanic dinner. Once you've found some local girls, send them a message. Or a pic, or a video. The whole reason these people are on here is to get attention from the opposite sex, so make it happen.

You don't have to make small talk, either. Don't talk about the news, or Instagram, or some stupid TV series you saw. Get to the point. Ask them if they prefer the bed or the floor. Make a joke about they like their eggs for breakfast. Text them a naughty photo (it's perfectly fine on this occasion). You don't have to worry about a thing with the open-minded folks on Local Nudes.

Meet Up

Just one more step before the sex selfie can commence: Hooking up.

If you think this step is hard, we've got news for you. Chances are, if she's talking dirty with you over text, you've already done the hard part. All you need to do is progress the story. Just say 'my place or yours?'

Remember that actions speak louder than words, so always be pushing for that in-person meetup.

Make Your Own Sex Selfies

Local Nudes takes privacy seriously, so we go to great lengths to make sure all pics, videos and stories you upload are kept confidential.

Our site is already used the world over, from London to Canada to the US and beyond. Thanks to our large reach and our dedicated users, anyone anywhere in the world now has easy access to a pool of potential fuck buddies.

We pride ourselves on offering an outstanding service, with minimal ads and interruption to provide a satisfying experience.

So, if you want to make your own sex selfie, what are you waiting for? Join the sex selfie craze and start snapping away tonight.