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Best List of Dirty Snapchat Videos To Check Out In 2020 (With Links)

When it comes to dirty content on social media, Snapchat beats out its competition by miles. There's no rules about NSFW content on Snapchat, so users are free to get as dirty and buck-wild as they like, which includes fucking clips, dirty images, teasers and hardcore nudes.

Snapchat has become a place decked out with models, pro pornstars and dirty amateur girls desperate to show off their eye-popping figures. So whether you're looking for sexting friends, porn Snapchats or just a little vouyeristic fun, the nude Snapchat community has something for everyone.

Although most Snapchat nude content disappears eventually, the good people over at sites like Pornhub, X-Videos and YouPorn take these snaps and host them forever. So, there's never any worry about dirty snaps going away.

In this series of articles, we've bought together the best dirty Snapchat adult content you'll find anywhere. Not only have we got links to each video, but we'll also link the Snapchat usernames so you can follow the accounts for more Snapchat nudes.

Curvy Beauty Fingers & Fucks

Going by the name Misa Amane on Pornhub, this shapely beauty claims 'she's loves freaky, dirty sex and is up for anything at least once.'

She backs up her claims with this dirty Snapchat clip which sees Misa pleasuring herself right up to the knuckles. If that wasn't enough, she finishes the snap by taking a big BBC from the back.

We don't know this girl's Snapchat account or username, unfortunately, but she's got plenty of Pornhub posts to keep you occupied.

Dirty Blonde Flashes & Teases

Describing herself as an exhibitionist slut who loves showing off for her Snapchat friends, Elisa Dreams is a sultry blonde and a self-confessed cock whore. For a taste of her dirty Snapchat content, check out this leaked Pornhub video of her pulling out her tits in seemingly every public space in the United States.

See her dirty snaps for yourself by adding her username @ElisaDreams2 on Snapchat. You can also follow her Instagram account @elisa_dreams2.

Rainey James Jerk Off Instruction

Take a good look at this girl, because she's the future of porn. Rainey James is a brunette sex kitten with one of the most popular Instagram accounts of any up-and-comer. The things she can do will make your blood pump and your cock harden. For example, check out this dirty Snapchat video of her encouraging her lucky Snapchat friends to jerk off for her.

While her Pornhub page is loaded with similar Snapchat views, we can't provide her Snapchat username because she doesn't have one. Rainey left the platform not long ago and now exclusively works through Twitter and Instagram. Her account usernames for both is @birdgirlrainey.

Snapchat Fucking Compilation

On this compilation clip over at YouPorn, you'll find something for everyone. Girls pleasuring themselves, pleasuring others, pleasuring their friends, and much more. It's got straight up fucking, sexting, masturbation, and some good old fashioned girl-on-girl teasing. You'll find a guy or two pop up, but they're just there to provide the dick.

There's so many names in this clip that we couldn't possibly list all their Snapchat usernames. However, if you check the comments section of the video, you'll find a few guys have listed a few Snapchat accounts and linked to a profile or two. Some are still anonymous though, so if you do find out their usernames, please let us know!

Friend's Sister Gives Head

In this video, entitled 'Friend Little Sister Snapchat Compilation,' there's no questions about what's going on. Some guy with a huge dong fucks a dirty little slut who we can only assume is his friend's sister. While anyone would tell you that it's a really bad idea to bang your friend's sibling, who cares when it results in content like this?

Unfortunately, the Snapchat usernames of this couple aren't known, however, the girl in question is Bonnie Bowtie, a United States-based amateur girl who has a big following on Pornhub where she's seemingly done everything across every category. We can't find her Snapchat username, but if you do, send us an email!

21st Birthday Sex Tape

Looking at the thumbnail photo of this clip, you might think 'ugh, not another clip with a Snapchat filter.' Unfortunately, there is indeed a filter, but it really adds to the clip's charm.

A cheeky blonde girl gets a nice present for her birthday, and that present is a hard dick in her mouth. Then, after giving her an order to lie face-down, ass-up, this lucky gentleman gives her a sticky load on her ass.

The username of this hottie in question is @littlebuffbabe, who can be found on Snapchat, Twitter and KIK.

Sexy Snapchat Usernames To Follow In 2020

Originally established in 2011, Snapchat has since rose to the top of the social media world. Along with household name apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Snapchat has an incredible 360 people using it every single month.

And as you can probably guess, a large majority of people use their Snapchat account for one thing in particular: adult content.

With an app boasting models, celebrities, horny amateur girls and the top names in the porn industry, it's no surprise that Snapchat has become the go-to page for nudes, hot videos and meeting potential friends with benefits.

But how do you know which 'friends' to follow? Who's profile has the best action? Well fear not, because we've put together all the information you need to know. Here are the best Snapchat usernames to follow in 2020.

Lindsey Kevitch (@lraeex3)

She could certainly do with learning how to change Snapchat username, but Lindsey Kevitch is nothing short of a Snapchat superstar. She's a professional model with thousands of users following her, and regularly treats them to a daily dose of cleavage or bikini shots.

Michelle Lewin (@michelle.lewin)

Michelle Lewin is a one of the new girls in Snapchat who uses the app to show off her perfectly-formed figure. Constantly getting sweaty in the gym and putting it all on show, Michelle's regular snaps will not only keep you motivated but they also make for great jerk-off material too.

Dani Mathers (@missdanimathers)

Back in 2014, Dani Mathers won the Playboy Bunny of the year on the Playboy website, cementing her status as one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Since then, she got her Instagram account banned for posting explicit stuff, but she's migrated over to Snapchat to share all of her spicy snaps.

Rebecca Kelly (@xxbex14)

Yet another super-babe who should really change username on Snapchat, but that doesn't make Rebecca Kelly any less perfect. This big-lipped brunette is a model, camshow girl, and Babestation operator who knows exactly how to turn men on.

Hailey Bladwin (@baileybisboring)

Hailey Bladwin, also known as Hailey Rhode, is another user who could benefit from a Snapchat username change, but we're not following her for her Snapchat usernames. Far from it. This brunette diva is close friends with Kylie Jenner and does her best to keep her stories loaded with saucy, explicit shots.

Lexi Belle (@schadenfreude87)

Everyone's favorite porn sweetheart, of course Lexi Belle has a Snapchat username. While she could sure use learning how to change snap username, Lexi's profile is a gold mine of of sexy physical information in the form of teaser videos, topless snaps and posing selfies. You won't be disappointed with what you find.

Lucy Spankz (@lucyspankz)

Although there's not much information out there about this dirty Latina babe, Lucy Spankz is an amateur girl with the juiciest tits this side of the equator. Since she doesn't have as a big of a following as the big name players above, Lucy uses the site to connect with her fans and meet new ones along the way. Don't worry though, she'll keep you glued to your screen with snaps of her huge cans, her exotic good looks, and sometimes she'll even put something between her legs while you watch.