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Kik Nudes - Ultimate Guide To Safely Getting (And Sending) Nudes With New Girls On Kik

Forget about Skype, Whatsapp and Snapchat. There's a new messaging platform taking over the United States.

From Kik Interactive Inc., Kik is the hottest new messaging service gracing Android, Windows phones and iPhones the world over. It's user-friendly, totally anonymous, and has become one of the go-to chat sites for people of any age.

Unlike other chatting apps, Kik puts great focus on privacy. You don't need a phone number to sign up, just an email address and a Kik username for registration and you're ready to go.

In addition to having a text messages chat mode, Kik also has a video chat facility, voice messaging option and plenty of other ad-hoc chat features too. Put simply, it's a social butterfly's heaven.

And as with every social media platform in the United States, people have inevitably begun using Kik to send nudes, sext and cam with each other. Kik has become so synonymous sending nudes that sexting on Kik has become the norm. As of 2020, the majority of smartphones traffic on Kik comes as a result of porno chat of some kind.

Sound like something you want to be a part of? If you want to get your Kik sexting on, we've put together a guide to help you find a chat partner in no time. We'll also provide a long list of Kik usernames to help you find some eager girls for some sexting pleasure. Here's your ultimate guide to sending and recieving Kik nudes.

Set Up Your Profile

Let's start from scratch. When it comes to Kik sexting, you need two things above everything else: a Kik username and a profile. Once you've passed the age verification, register user name with an email address and get going.

Since Kik is more of a messaging app than a social media platform, your profile only allows for a tiny bit of information. There's a title, a sub title, a short bio, your Kik username and a photo. That's it.

Your bio is important because it lets strangers know a bit about you. If you're using the app for sexting, Kik bios are vital to fill in. No one wants to chat in public with a Kik user with a blank profile, so a profile picture is an absolute must. You won't get replies by holding back.

Find Kik Usernames To Sext

So your Kik username is set up and you're ready to start exchanging your own Kik nude pics. At this point, you have several options.

  • Add your real friends
  • Look through Twitter / Facebook for Kik usernames to add
  • Find a list of Kik usernames featuring hot girls online.

Obviously, the easiest way to find people is to search their names online. Frisky girls are always plastering their Kik username all over their socials, and the ladies that do are the ones who love getting naughty with a little stranger chat.

To help you find sex chatters, here's a short list of girls usernames:

There are thousands of Kik user names out there to find. Don't be shy about adding them, either. These girls love sending and receiving nudes, and Kik is pretty much their personal sex chat room.

Be Polite

When you do strike up conversation with your chat partners, be sure to stay polite and respectful. This isn't the comments section of a porn videos site. These are real women who are looking to get sexy and exchanges nudes pics with guys. That means no harassment, no sex-language (not straight away) and most importantly: do NOT send a dick pic!

Send messages as you would to any other woman. Show her that you have a sense of humor. Talk about ordinary stuffs before jumping into the dirty material. Every Kik user will have a short introduction in their profile so use that get your foot in the door. If she's the type of girl who wants some good old fashioned dirty talk, she'll come round eventually.

Join Groups

Another great way to start Kik sexting is to join chat rooms. While Kik isn't a chat website as such, it has a 'groups' feature. These groups work similar to forum websites. They're all specific to certain hobbies or interests. Computer games, nature, TV programs, internet culture, iPhone and IOS fangroups, Mars travel, languages rooms - and the rest.

Every community will have a moderator (or moderators, admins, chat owners, etc )and there'll be privacy policy rules in place. For example, if you're interested in technology or smartphone devices, there'll be a group for it. There's no advertising content anywhere, which means none restriction on group content.

And of course, there are groups for the adults too. Cam girls, roleplay chat, porn chat rooms, webcam sex, even a fetish chat room too. All categories are covered. No limits, no restrictions. Just jump in and hit up a Kik user like you would anywhere else.

To help you on your journey for Kik nudes, we've listed a few flash chat rooms. Here's the details:

  • #tittydropgirls - for videos, gifs, images of top-heavy girls
  • #nsfwgifs - for intergrated Giphy gifs of NSFW English content
  • - zozo chat / zozo official channel for adult chats and adult video chat users
  • #sexygirls18 - webcam girls, adult pictures, sexiest girls, porn video link
  • #teens4all - teen chat room website and sexting page
  • #sexy-lunch-break - roulette chat room site featuring web cam shows & webcam services
  • #cam-whores-central - webcams & webcam chatting experience in exchange for money
  • #hot-audio-streaming - unique chat pages and video chat rooms for VIP members / VIP users
  • #whoom - gay chat, rent boys, NSFW links. Guest access only
  • #any-shape-ethnicity-and-country - friendship only for people of all ages, no negativity allowed
  • #usernames-central - forum links to girls usernames

Quick note: every room administrator will have chat badges next to their name. Be sure to stay on their good side!

Be Clear About What You Want

Are you on Kik just to exchange nudes? Do your desires stop at ass and tits pictures, or are you looking to eventually get your leg over and hookup?

In order to get your point across, you need to be clear. The fact is that females aren't some kind of alien species. They want to trade nudes and have a few naughty experiences themselves. Chances are that if you're open and honest about your sexual requirements, you and your new partner will quickly come to an understanding. Being up front with someone about your sexual interest is nothing to shy away from.

Don't be too forward about things in case it comes off as brash. You want to appear confident and dominant, not creepy and perverted. In most cases, it's all about transparency, not opacity.

Learn To Sext Properly

In today's environment, sexting and exchanging nudes pics is basically an artform. It's so widespread that pretty soon it will be a part of university education.

The ideas is gradually ramp up the intensity levels as you talk. Be sure to tease and not reveal too much. Don't just go for broke right away. For example, send her a naked selfie picture, but cover your explicit regions with emojis. It makes for a much more erotic atmosphere rather than you looking like an advertisement for a neckbeard forum. Or use filters, home objects - anything really. The possibilities are endless.

Give her a taste of what to expect from a bedroom performance. Being able to tease peoples over text implies incredible competent sexual awareness and ability.

If you want to maximize her viewing pleasure, make use of the video chatting technology on the application.

Have Fun, But Be Vigilant

We have no doubt that you'll find many people to exchange Kik nudes with. Kik is definitely a site for the more open-minded people out there, so we're confident you'll find a sex partner in any sex chat rooms you visit.

However, safety is important. Be careful who you send your Kik nudes too. That Kik user claiming to be a hot local chick? Make sure she's who she says she is. As we've seen countless times in the past, there's no end to where your pictures might pop up. Private pictures make for easy content on porn sites. Be cautious who you share images and give your Kik username out to.

Whether you use Kik on tablet, browser or whatever else, be as anonymous as possible. Tablets and browsers come with their own unique solution to anonymity, so be sure to employ them where possible.

Here's What Kik Girls Wished You Knew Before Trading Nudes

If you're over the age of 30, you might remember the days of sexting in chat rooms. Skype and Snapchat soon came along and shook things up a little, but in 2020, there's a new sexting site taking the market by storm.

From Kik Interactive Inc. comes Kik, the ultimate app to trade dirty messages, nudes and hot video messages.

But what separates Kik from similar apps like Snapchat and Whatsapp? Well, Kik takes privacy very seriously. All Kik messages are encrypted. No profile is searchable unless you have their specific username. And best of all, your Kik profile page isn't linked to your phone number.

Sexting on Kik has become widespread. People in every country in the world is using the site to sext, cam and video chat with equally horny users. However, there's a gender gap on Kik, and it has nothing to do with wages.

The art of exchanging sexy messages is alien to a lot of people, but fear not guys. We've put together the ups and downs of the Kik sexting experience for you. Here's a short guide to what Kik girls wished you knew before trading nudes.

How To Sext

First thing's first. Install Kik, verify your age, then set up your profile page by adding a profile photo. Find some Kik usernames to sext by whatever means necessary (see our Kik usernames section at the end of this article).

Remember, Kik isn't Snapchat. This is a much different platform.

Your first messages shouldn't be sexual in nature at all. Say hello innocently. Introduce yourself the same way you would to any woman. Browse her profile page to find a talking point. Her home town, her favorite TV shows, anything. If her profile photo shows her doing something interesting, ask her about it. Most users put everything you need to know in their profile page so use it to your advantage.

Then, it's time to start sexting. Kik users know that eventually,the conversation will progress to dirty messages, but you need to get the niceties out the way first.

Sexting is easy once you know how. The secret is to let her imagination do the hard work for you. Teasing is everything, because her erotic mind will fill in the gaps. Don't explicitly say what you want to do to her, just say 'what would you like me to do if I was there?' or 'tell me what you like in the bedroom.'

How To Send Nudes

Sending nudes pics isn't as simple as it seems. It's more than just taking photos of your body and hoping for the best. There's some unwritten rules about the nudes world. Girls know them, but guys seem to struggle.

The simple rule is that nudes should be tasteful. Your chat partner doesn't wanna see a cluttered bedroom floor or a dirty bathtub in the pic. That just implies that you're too busy worrying about your PS4 profile to give them the time of day.

First of all, try a topless message. Something which shows your upper body and nothing else. Afterwards, try a naked mirror selfie, but use a well-placed emoji to conceal your explicit regions.

Girls want to see the things you have to offer. Body shape, facial beauty, amongst others things.

'Nudes' Doesn't Mean 'Dick Pics'

This is a big one - pardon the pun. Boys think that when a girl asks for nudes, she immediately wants to see the D.

No, she doesn't. Sure, she'll want a dick photo eventually, but the difference between a sexy dick photo and creepy dick photo is timing.

You need to wait until your text messages have reached the appropriate levels of sexual intensity. Once the sex talk has peaked, only then can you unleash beast (at least in photo form).

Build up a rapport, then once you're confident you and her are en route to becoming friends with benefits, let loose. If you're really adventurous, break the mold by sending her some dick videos.

How To Respond Properly

Ever sent some naughty messages and had to wait ages for a reply? You get the pang of anxiety. Did she like it? Is she laughing it? Your whole life flashes before your eyes. You feel that easy hookup slipping away, and it was all ruined with a single photo.

Sure, you might be overthinking it, but it happens. What's the solution?

Replying quickly, of course. This will help keep up the sexual momentum between you and your chat buddy. No one wants to wait 10 minutes between messages because it kills the conversation dead. Stay alert and be prompt.

Need Usernames For Kik?

The final step is to actually find Kik girls to sext with. Luckily, there are millions of horny users out there looking to make new friends on the site. People constantly post their Kik usernames all over Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other websites so it's just a matter of locating them.

However, we've taken the hassle out of scouring social media for Kik usernames too. Here's a quick list of Kik usernames (in no particular order) who are always game for a little sexting fun.

All of the females in question are adults over the age of 18. Send them a few messages today and see where the conversation takes you. There are also a number of Kik groups available which provide NSFW content. Simply search for your location in the app's search and you'll find localized groups to meet people.

We're confident you'll be Kik sexting in no time. Kik service is totally free too. No money needs to be exchanged unless you want to update your profile to Kik Plus.

Word of warning: Kik's target demographic is people age 16-21. Be sure to verify a person's age before sexting with them. Ask them to provide proof of age and be sure to check their profile photo.

This website is not affiliated with Kik Interactive Inc. or the Kik Group Inc. in any way.