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Is Newbie Nudes Legit? Full Review

Another day, another porn site to review. However, this one is actually a little different than your standard porn videos pages.

Today, we're looking at Newbie Nudes, an amateur porn site which claims to be the number one porn community on the internet. How does it hold up? Here's what we thought.

First Impressions

The way Newbie Nudes is laid out looks very similar to the much-loved AdultWork. But after a quick browse around the site, looks are the only thing these two sites have in common.

Like AdultWork, Newbie Nudes markets itself as an amateur nude paradise, promising to bring together like-minded porn lovers for conversation, sexting and more. However, the interactivity side of things seems to be sorely lacking, with very little engagement between people. Although, with that said, the porn videos side of things seems excellent.

The numbers look good ('4.2 million real members') and the porn categories really appeal to the hardcore perverts (feet fetish, upskirt vintage, teen uniforms, swingers, insertion). Newbie Nudes also claims to have 16 million amateur pics and 3.9 million videos. Even by Pornhub standards, that's a lot of free porn.


NewbieNudes .com is, first and foremost, a place for guys and girls to show themselves off. 99% of the page is dedicated to amateur porn content, and that's fine by us. Especially when the majority of these pics and clips are of a surprising high quality.

Newbie Nude has a bunch of other social areas too, such as forums, live cams buying/selling, blogs and real-time chatrooms. However, total views were very small. The only area which had any real activity was the forums section.

Forums are broken down by category (bondage, S&M, cumshot, double penetration, downblouse, TV celebrities, etc) and while the majority of them were empty, a handful had some very active discussions.

Pricing & Membership

NewbieNudes is hard on the upsell. Certain content and categories are out of bounds unless you pull out the credit card, and NewbieNudes is very quick to remind you of this.

There are three paid options available. The first is what's known as the junkie approach, and that is you pay for content on a smut-by-smut basis. Like a particular photo or video? Then you can pay a one-off fee to see it.

The second approach is through the page-specific currency known as Nudles. For $5 you can get 10 nudles, and every video costs 1 Nudle. This is the cheapest option overall.

Lastly, Premium Membership can be bought for $29.99 a month, which gives you all the benefits. Access to all categories, ads removal (from the site and videos) and more streamlined experience overall.


As far as free porn goes, Newbie Nudes hits a homerun. If you ignore everything else about the site, it genuinely makes for one of the best porn channels in the world. A good chunk of photos and videos are totally free, and a lot of it is the type of stuff you won't find anywhere else online.

The videos categories available are niche enough to rival any big name videos site. Everything from the basics like creampie, tits, MILF, cocks and couples to specific stuff like German girls, Asian, Japanese hentai, BBW facesitting and more. There's even a section purely for SFW videos too.


The site proudly declares that every girl on the place is genuine. Not a fake account in sight. However, this isn't true at all. NewbieNudes has a lot of pictures and videos stolen from semi-famous amateurs.

Searches are a little confusing. It takes time to figure out how they work. Adding in the filters and narrowing down categories can be fidgety. In fact, site functionality on the whole needs a little more support.

Filter choices are limited. You can only search by hair color and ethnicity.

Outside of women posting videos and pics,

The 'captions' screen is super weird. This whole sub-category, including the comments section is very unnecessary.


If you want to see real porn videos, real big tits and real women share their sexual perversions, then is ideal. If you treat it like the younger sister of sites like Image Fap and X Hamster then you're going to have a good time.

However, don't expect this to be the second coming of AdultWork. Any kind of community spirit is at best limited, and at worst non-existent. If you're sitting at your computer looking for a different porn experience, Newbie Nudes will work wonders.