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Nude Selfies? Top 5 Free Sites with the Best Nude Selfies

Thanks to Covid 19, every man, woman and child has been stuck in isolation for the past few months. For many men out there, much of our time has been spent looking for hot porn, nude selfies and all the other glorious filth the internet has to offer. For many women, they've pulled out the selfie stick and snapped themselves to death. Put them together and you've got a perfect match.

Since we've had some time on our hands too, we had an idea form. We thought we'd put together a list of the online hotspots for naked selfies, teen nude selfies and whatever else you might need. Here's our guide to the best 5 free sites for nude selfies, all from behind the safety of your screen.

Image Fap

There's a good chance you've stumbled across Image Fap on your hunt for nude selfies during the coronavirus pandemic. ImageFap might be the most popular nude picture sites on the internet, with hundreds of new photos uploaded every hour of every day.

You won't find any film on here as it's solely about the pictures. Not only that, but every image contributed to the site is user-uploaded. This means that every pic you come across has been put there by a fellow porn-browsing horndog like yourself.

This results in a huge variety of nudes. Some guys rip entire porn shoots and upload them. Others post more amateur stuff. But one thing's for sure: There's enough nude selfies on here to keep you busy all week. ImageFap has also become the unofficial place to post revenge porn as the platform mostly encourages amateur, home-made content.

No one ever has a bad word to say about ImageFap. It gets tons of views, it's filled with a wide range of pics, including models of every kind, and it's sleek and smooth to run on your browser or smartphone app.

Pornhub Albums

Tell the truth. You've been to Pornhub a million times before. Sure, it's the biggest porn stage of them all. But did you know it has a section dedicated entirely to photos?

Like ImageFap, most of the content on Pornhub Albums has been uploaded by users the world over; Mexico, New York, everywhere. Nothing is uploaded by the Pornhub staff. A lot of pornstars have official accounts on Pornhub, and they use the albums section to post teasers, nude selfies and much more.

The search menu allows you to narrow things down to find your perfect nude selfie, nude model, etc. You can go as specific as things like photo camera angles, mirror selfie poses, body parts, face close ups, and other similar things. Experiment around and you're sure to find someone or something which takes your fancy.

There's no premium option in the photos section so put your credit card away. For a great all-rounder, Pornhub Albums is the perfect choice for nude selfies. It's also the only site on this list with it's own phone app.

Sex dot com probably gets more hits than Amazon and every Los Angeles tech giant combined. It's a world of nudity right at your finger tips.

Unlike the sites mentioned above, has a focus on HD pics, usually of professional models taken by a pro photographer. Every shot is high quality, with a perfect background, lighting, perfect hair, make-up, every body body part airbrushed to flawlessness and anything else which turns a nude selfie into a golden portrait. These girls love to show their bodies off as though they're Greek oil paintings.

You'll find models a-plenty on here. Big name pornstars, e-girls, underwear models, Instagram sensations, life models. No stolen crap off amateur pages or Getty Images. There are nude selfies galore too, with every picture coming at you in super high definition. You'll even be able to see the sweat dripping off their butt and the fake tan on their legs.

If it's the classic porn experience you desire, is the first place to visit. Most of the content is very light to say the least; naked chicks hanging around the house, a buxom blonde hanging out with her friend, a petite brunette indulging in some foreplay on her bed. You won't find no weird body art, step-brother, horse, Rule-34 bullshit over here. Just flawless nude selfies from the kind of women you want to see.

Instant Fap

Sometimes, men just want to get right to the point. No messing around, just get the job done in four or five minutes.

In case you didn't know, we're talking about jerking off. If that sounds like your kind of plan, then get your dick in your hand and head over to this page: Instant Fap. Unlike the sites above, there's not many pro-shot people on Instant Fap. It's mostly made up of horny girls who were bored of social distancing and decided to take some nude selfies from every angle.

Of course, we're not complaining, but that's only half of it. In addition to the odd nude selfie, you'll find all sorts of crazy stuff on here, including celebrity gifs, leaked TikTok videos and hardcore pics of women painting their faces with jizz. There's something for everyone. Just make you sure can stomach the weird stuff since you'll find a bit of that too. Overall though, it's super fun.

The community on Instant Fap provide a great source to find nudist selfies too. Start by adding some of the users as friends to get full access to their personal libraries, then you'll soon find personalized stuff crop up in your feed. It's a great ways to find new content. The sign-up process is simple. You just need an email address.

Booty of the Day

If you're a fan of the back-passage, we've got some great advice for you: check out Booty of the Day. It's a super popular, personally-run site which means some guy has made it his career to browse the internet for phat asses.

The ass is a polarizing subject. If you're one of those partners who can't enough of that thing, then the series of shots on this page will help you no end.

This is a room to worship those beauties with a bountiful middle-section. Curvy ladies, thicc bitches, anyone who's paid their booty duty will show up here. Some of the asses on here are like a work of art. You won't find much front-action on here, mind you.

Pretty much every post has been made by an amateur girl, showing off their assets in one way or another. Side-booties, over-the-shoulder shots, bra-and-panties pics - it's all here. You might run into an advertisement or two, but it's a small price to pay.