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Here's How To Get Laid With Tinder Tinder Girls Tonight - Step By Step Guide.

Tinder is one of the most-downloaded apps of all time. Tinder has effectively revolutionized the way we meet and connect with new people, and even 8 years into its existence, it's still more popular than ever, racking up over 26 million new users every year.

Online dating apps are nothing new, sure. They've been in use ever since apps were a thing. And over the years, we've learned a thing or two about what flies and what doesn't on these platforms. Dating app etiquette is definitely something you need to be aware of.

There are thousands of blogs and article posts out there which highlight some of the more outlandish, neckbeardy comments which women have received on Tinder. Trust us, you don't want to be one of those guys. No, you want to be one of the good guys. You want to do everything right so that you increase your odds of getting laid exponentially.

Getting laid with Tinder comes four very important steps, so here's a very quick overview of what we're going to cover:

  • Getting her attention
  • How to start conversation on Tinder
  • How not to start a conversation on Tinder
  • Progressing to the first date and hooking up

So, if you're ready, let's take a deep dive in getting laid with Tinder girls tonight. With this info guide, you'll be a dating expert in no time.

Find The Perfect Profile Picture

It might sound shallow, but it's important. Tinder matches are made based on first impressions, and unfortunately, those first impressions have to be made by your appearance. In particular, your photos.

Notice that we don't mention your looks. You don't have to look like Jason Momoa to stand out from the crowd on Tinder. Interestingly, men who post shirtless pictures or gym selfies actually get the least amount of engagement from Tinder girls. While the attraction might be there, women instantly see them as shallow and vain. So, if you do boast impressive muscles, keep them hidden - at least for now. Tinder's not a place for porn content.

Instead, put the focus on your face. Eyes, nose cheekbones, hair, etc. Research shows that women want to see your face more than anything, since that's the part of a guy they'll be staring at the most if they take things further.

Additionally, you can use your profile picture to give a taste of your personality too. Are you the rock star type? Post a photo of you playing guitar. Everyone has something that makes them interesting, so highlight whatever it is as best you can.

Lastly, and this is the most obvious, make sure your profile photo is of you. Even if you're just looking to sext or exchange nudes, don't just steal a pic off Stocksy or Shutterstock. Any woman will see right through it.

Keep Your Bio Brief

Tinder gives you the option to write a little something about yourself on your profile. Bios are only a small box, just a few lines, but it's useful for making a good second impression.

Unfortunately, this opportunity only presents itself after you match with a girl. But someone is going to read it eventually, no questions asked, so use it.

You don't wanna give too much away. Save that for your messages. Use it to show the kind of person you are. Video game fan? Mention it. Speak another language? Same again. Travelled the world? Write it.

More importantly, however, is what not to mention. Here's a few example tips. Avoid these at all costs:

  • Your Instagram account name or your email address
  • Your six-figure income
  • What you're looking for (relationship, sex, etc)
  • An advertisement for your business / product / services
  • The intricate meanings behind your tattoos
  • 'I'm looking for a girl who...'
  • Your deal breakers (height, weight, age, eye color)
  • 'Can I give you some advice?'

No one wants to read about this crap. It's bad form and it will make you look like a douche. Keep it simple and you'll find visits to your profile increase significantly.

Only Swipe Girls You Find Attractive

This one should be obvious, but a lot of guys just swipe right on every Tinder girl just to increase their chances of getting a match.

Unless you're using Tinder to make friends, this is a complete waste of time. If there's no way you'd ever hook up with that girl, swiping right is just leading her on. It's no fun for either of you. Chances are you won't even message her, so what's the point?

As a side note, if you're looking for Tinder girls to sext with, then feel free to swipes right on every girl - even if they look like a troll. However, be sure to mention your intentions before things get under way. Don't waste a girls time because it's not fair on them.

Start A Conversation

So you've matched with some women. Photos and profile are looking good, and you're ready to kick things up a notch. Don't waste any time. As soon as you've matched, get chatting.

Now, starting conversations on Tinder can be tricky. Truthfully, no one knows how to start Tinder conversation. There's no tried and tested method or formula. It should be a combination of question and answers, life stories, harmless flirting, and light compliments.

It should always be a two-way street too. No one wants to be talked at. If you're not getting much in the way of a response, it's possible that you're talking about yourself too much. Or worst yet, giving her your unsolicited opinion on things. A good approach is to ask her something about her profile. Pictures of her in Thailand? Bring them up. Does she mention she loves sitcoms? Compliment her tastes.

Finding something to say to a stranger can feel like a heavy burden. There are endless possibilities, it's just about choosing the right one. Ask her about her interests, the types of movies she watches, the best adventure she's ever had, her favorite quote, her thoughts on medium rare steak, cookies. Hell, you could even link her a news article and ask her opinion.

Talking points are endless, it just takes some practice to get going. Once you've done it a few times, it might surprise you how easy it is.

Don't Say These Things

The number of things you shouldn't say to girls on Tinder far outweigh the things you should. An entire website could be dedicated to the kinds of things you shouldn't mention, but here's a short list:

  • 'Wow, you're almost as hot as my ex.'
  • 'What's your fetish?'
  • 'Is that a mirror in your pants? Because I can see myself in them.'
  • 'What's your Facebook?'
  • 'Hey.'
  • 'Are you a model?'
  • 'I've matched with a lot of girls, but none quite like you!'
  • 'Can we move this over to text messages?'

If you're going to use a chat up line, make it original. Most women have heard tons of them, and almost none of them have ever worked. No one ever got laid on Tinder with a chat up line.

But the biggest killer with Tinder girls - boredom. If your messaging stagnates, boredom will set in and your conversation will suffer the kiss of death. And the biggest culprit of bore-inducing conversation? One word answers.

You have a whole plethora of words at your disposal, so use them! If either of you end up resorting to 'yeah' or 'nah' or 'okay,' then consider your chemistry well and truly dead. It's a one way ticket to Unmatch Town.

Build Connections Slowly

Lots of Tinder women are DTF. That's why they're there. However, the fact that they're DTF doesn't equal immediate success for you. She might not be willing to jump right into bed with you. It might take a bit of time to build a connection and get results.

Of course, the more you work at it, the higher your chance of getting laid. Don't be disheartened if things don't immediately go the way of the bedroom. Nine times out of ten, Tinder girls will need more than a match and message before they agree to meet up.

Keep yourself in her radar - whether it takes three days or five months. Keep the banter up, show her you have a sense of humor. Keep the sparks flying.

After a few days, you can turn the conversations to more intimate subjects; love, life, kids, god, relationship deal breakers, her ideal man, her sexual values and preferences, previous partners, etc. This will help build a stronger bond between you both and allow you to stand out above the other strangers she's messaging.

Move The Convo To Sex

Suggestion is a powerful thing. If you want to eventually hook up, you need to let her know that you're DTF too.

There are ways to steer the situation towards sex without coming across as pervy or needy. Here's a few ideas:

  • 'What is it you're looking for on Tinder?'
  • 'What do you miss most about being in a couple?'

Subtle questions like this will make her more likely to share her true feelings. It's easy to make mistakes at this point, but the key is to be respectful and reserved. If she's feeling pressured she'll put up barriers, so be sure to stay casual. It's not a debate.

Get Her Number

Getting Tinder girls' phone numbers is a crucial step. You need to take the conversation outside of Tinder for a number of reasons.

First of all, there's the psychological element. Communicating via several different platforms gives the impression of a stronger connection between you both. It implies progression, from Tinder to texts messaging to something more. Dates are rarely arranged directly through Tinder. They're usually done via text message or Facebook.

The second reason is that you have somewhere to contact her if she overlooks Tinder. A lot of Tinder girls turn off their notifications since they get so many, not to mention that it's easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Arrange A Date

Dates always preceed getting laid. Unless you land on a Tinder girl who shares your penchant for instant casual sex, you'll need to ask her out somewhere.

Go to dinner. Go for a drink. Head to some local events. Do something fun. Head somewhere where you can talk one-on-one. No group activity, no movies, and certainly don't suggest going to either yours or her places. Don't plan it too much, either. Go it with the flow. Suggest an idea and if she goes for it, run with it.

Be sure to be on your best behavior too. Ask and answer questions with enthusiasm and comment on how she looks and her clothing choices. Chances are she's been complimented 50 million times about the same things by others, but complimenting her again shows you've made the effort to take notice.

Get Laid

Remember that a quality date won't always guarantee sex, but it's a good start. Sex is a team effort, so she needs to be in the rights frame of mind too. If it doesn't lead to sex, then no worries. Just make plans to do it again. If you do end up taking her home, then congratulations! You've achieved your goal! One down, many more Tinder girls to go.

And the big question is - what comes next? Service a few other Tinder girls in your area? Stick with just the one? Thanks to Tinder, the choice is yours. Have fun on your sexual adventures. Be responsible - don't be one of those fuck-boys who breaks girls hearts!

If you follow this handy guide, you'll develop the ability to meet, charm and hookup with enough Tinder girls to keep you busy for a lifetime. We have no doubt that your inbox will soon be brimming with messages from local girls looking for a good time. See some of our other articles for more advice!

A Few Handy Tips

The truth is that Tinder is a numbers game. The more women you match with on the site, the higher your chances of getting laid. Keep swiping on a daily basis because new women join the site every minute of the day. You might get a sore thumb but it's worth it.

Keep adding new photos to your profiles too. Every so often, your Tinder swipes will reset, meaning you'll be able to re-match with anyone you discarded the first time round. Some of these visitors might be the ones who originally swiped left on you because they didn't like your profile picture, so if you change it up, there's a chance you might pick up some lapsed fans.

Occasionally, some Tinder girls will unmatch you, or outright stop talking to you. In this case, don't give it a second thought. It's human nature to wonder why, but there could be a number of reasons for it, so just let it go. Maybe their iPhone broke? Maybe they met someone else? Maybe they had a sudden attack of morals? The worst thing you could possibly do is stalk them on social media and pester them for information about why they disappeared. For the sake of a simple explanation, it's not worth it.

Lastly, and most importantly, is don't waste your time with Tinder girls who clearly aren't interested. If you're not getting anything in the way of a reply, pick up your feet and move on.

Looking For Tinder Nudes? Try This App Instead

Tinder is a strange place. It's something of a hybrid in the dating app world. While a lot singletons use Tinder to arrange hookups, just as many people use it to find date matches.

While one guy might swipe right with the intention of hooking up, the girl on the other end might swipe right because she's looking for her future husband. Without chatting to users beforehand, it's impossible to know if a person is looking for to partner-up or if she's just DTF.

Even worse, some people use Tinder as a trading pics app or a platform to sex. How are you ever going to get laid if everyone wants something different? This is one of the things which is killing the platform.

It's time to move on from Tinder. There are other apps and services out there which are way better. In this article, we're going to tell you about the hottest new one on the market: Mixxxer. Pics, nudes and easy hookups are just a few swipes away.

What Is Mixxxer?

Mixxxer's something which takes the hassle out of finding someone to fuck. It's more straightforward than Tinder, more active than Facebook and more streamlined than Bumble. Everyone's using it, from your best friend's mother to the three college girls across the street.

Mixxxer calls itself an app which promotes casual fun between adults, including couples, swingers and LGBT users. Put simply, anyone can use this site to get lucky - it's sole purpose is to get people laid without question. Sounds like a great idea to us.

Since nudity is allowed on the app, you can let your body do the talking in your photos. Clothing is optional. This is something Mixxxer promotes heavily, so the app has become something of a naked content paradise. A lot of images feature various exposed body parts, and the ones who do are usually the horniest people on there - something to think about when swiping for sure.

What Are Mixxxer's Features?

As you'll see from it's official page, Mixxxer's interactivity is on point. The rules are simple: swipe rights on profile pictures if you want to fuck that person. That's it.

There's something particularly useful for members who want to keep their photos discreet. It's called the Shower Door feature. Simply click the 'Shower Door' tickbox (in the sidebar) when uploading pictures and the app will automatically blur out your face in your selected snaps.

This is useful for those guys and girls who are married and are looking to fuck some strangers on the side. You can also set the level of blurriness in the settings options at the top of the screen too.

Difference Between Tinder & Mixxxer

On Mixxxer, your profile picture is your sole advertisement. No chat or comments necessary. You don't have to send everyone you match with a long Tinder sonnet to get their attention. Every one on Mixxxer is there for the same thing you are: finding something to fuck.

Profiles will be shown in order of proximity, so you'll find suitors closest to your location first. The people on Mixxxer are a more open-minded than users of other sites too. They're happy to show themselves without clothes and without any added photoshop. Since Mixxxer is something of a badly-kept secret in the dating world, it's got a much sluttier and dirtier vibe than big name places like Tinder.

You won't Mixxxer in the Google Play store on either Apple or Android phone devices. It's been banned, so you'll have to use it through your web browser. Signing up is simple, all it takes is an email, password and profile photo and you're good to go. You'll have to spend a little cash, but for the sake of $1.99, it's worth it.

Looking For More? Try Local Nudes

Something about Mixxxer not working for you? No problem, there are other options. Try Local Nudes instead.

Just create your account, pop your information in and you'll be connected with hundreds of horny women in your city. These ladies love to share their bodies, whether in image form or in person. It's the hottest new thing on the market and we guarantee you won't have a single issue. Nude Local uses algorithms, analytics and user data to link users up with their best possible matches.

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Dirty Tinder Pics Leaked! Why Guys Are Using This Nudes App To Get Laid In 2020

If you're looking for a hookup app, Tinder is usually the first app people go to. However, did you know there's another Tinder hookup app out there?

With Dirty Tinder, hookup apps don't come any better than this. Unlike the regular site, Dirty Tinder is an adult Tinder used entirely to get people laid. It's all about the dirty things in life: hookups and easy sex. You won't find girls looking for relationships on here, just eager women looking for fun and no-strings-attached meetups.

Looking for something different to the others? Ready to jump between the covers with a horny stranger? No problem. Read on for our Dirty Tinder guide.

What Is Dirty Tinder?

The concept is simple. Like the look of someone's profile picture? Swipe right. Don't like their face photo? Swipe left.

Sounds way too familiar, doesn't it? You've used swipe dating apps loads of times before, right? And the cold hard facts is that they don't work, yes?

Not quite. Dirty Tinder is much different. It takes everything men love about Tinder and gets rid of all the bullshit. Those Tinder girls you always run into, the ones looking for long-term partners? Yeah, you won't find a girl like that on here.

The average woman on this page wants nothing more than a good slamming. Nothing else. Dating and relationships are off the menu. These horny individuals aren't the types to wear their heart on their sleeves - they wear it on their back-sides.

Dirty Tinder Features

DT is so simple that the dumbest person in the world could use it and have a good chance of getting matches. Simply search through your results and categories, and either swipe left or rights. After you've matched with a potential fuck partner, you don't need to make conversation or decode their personality. Just list off your basic information: name, age, area, sexual preferences. Easy as that.

Every thing is mostly identical to Tinder, from the color scheme, the sidebar, the tip, the help section, the events page and the content feed.

Photos on here will blow your mind. It's like a case study in filth; a thought exercise in stimulation. Once you've matched, you're free to text about anything. After a few messages, get their number and invite them to your place. Getting your end away has never been easier.

Who Uses Dirty Tinder?

Everyone. Your friends, the guy next door, MILFs with decades of experience, selfies-obsessed college girls.

Dirty Tinder is particularly prominent in Europe, the Americas and Asia, with a steady following building in South Africa. Its most dedicated users are located in the following:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Indonesia
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • France
  • Brazil
  • Ireland
  • Japan
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Thailand
  • Italy

Your user list will be in order of proximity, so you'll see women closest to your part of the city first. The app uses personal data and cookies to match you with people who best suit your needs.


Dirty Tinder is a social media page like no other. It's not really a dating app, and it's certainly one of the best apps to get laid with. It's brimming with profiles, it's easier to use than Facebook or Twitter, and there's very few scammers on here. You don't even have to work very hard. It only takes one or two message to get the ball rolling.

As far as Tinder alternatives go, not many sites matches the quality and audience of Dirty Tinder. Privacy is a big deal on here and the owners make sure of it.

Make an account on Dirty Tinder today and you're guaranteed to find someone to take home tonight. Whatever you're looking for on here, you'll find it. Test it for yourself.

See the official website for news, information, tips, reviews and many more. Best viewed in Chrome browser. Dirty Tinder app is available on iPhone and Android phone. Sale price $39.99 per month.